Film and Television Rights: Vice Presidential Gilmore Girl Debate

It was big evening of television viewing in the FTR household last night. We ordered a pizza from Lombardi's, then Mrs. FTR and I watched back-to-back episodes of the Gilmore Girls, and chapter two of the debate mini-series. Below are some of our observations. (We don't have cable, and our reception is not too clear.)

Mrs. FTR: I didn't think they'd be able to sustain the same level of tension after they got together; I mean, one of the most pleasing narrative threads up until now has been when and if they'll get together.
Mr. FTR: And there they were, naked in bed. Maybe they haven't done it yet.
Mrs. FTR: No, they did it.
Mr. FTR: It's about time.
Mrs. FTR: There's so much else to the show.
Mr. FTR: This episode is fairly dark and intense. I like it.
Mrs. FTR: Yeah, it's good.
Mr. FTR: Although I thought it was out of character to ask Paris if the professor died in bed with her.
Mrs. FTR: Yeah, but it's the first thing people think of--an older man with a heart condition, and a young lover.
Mr. FTR: When they showed the previews of the town meeting, I thought for sure it would be a dream sequence, but it wasn't.
Mrs. FTR: It looks like he has scales, like a reptile.
Mr. FTR: Any minute I think he's going to press a button under the table and a trap door will open and John will fall into a tank of sharks. Can't you see him rubbing his hands together like Mr. Burns?
Mrs. FTR: Reminds me more of Mr. Potter in "It's a Wonderful Life."
Mr. FTR: I see that.
Mrs. FTR: I can't believe he's living in the pool house.
Mr. FTR: It looks as if they've brought back a new version of the blonde guy that's now on One Tree Hill. What's his name, Jan Michael Vincent. This new guy's such an ass.
Mrs. FTR: A cocky bastard . . . One Tree Hill is so bad, it's unbelievable.
Mr. FTR: That's why I watch it.
Mrs. FTR: Catchy theme song--verbally wrong.
Mr. FTR: A grammar teacher's nightmare. You'd think they'd know the whole "who's sleeping with who" each episode is boring--so Aaron Spelling.
Mrs. FTR: This is so much smarter.
Mr. FTR: They use complete sentences. Look, there's Dean.
Mrs. FTR: Dean!
Mr. FTR: I think because Jess was so good, it made Dean a better actor.
Mrs. FTR: Yeah, he's much better now.
Mr. FTR: They gave Jess his own show, but the network wouldn't pay for what the producer wanted. So they canned it. Jess was so cool--troubled, brooding, living in a squat, a mentally unstable mother, an avid reader--the network must have wanted him to surf or snowboard or be adopted by a rich family.
Mrs. FTR: I like the way he points at him with his thumbs.
Mr. FTR: Yeah, it's almost vulgar.

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