Film and Television Rights: Self-Portrait as Hector (Reported Dead)

After Unsolved Mysteries

Hector attempted to cross the Trojan border
five times. Sentries thought him over-nervous,

with excess cash-turned him back. He purchased
passage (coach) to Munich at a travel

agency, drove to the airport in Vancouver,
refunded his plane ticket, rented a car

from Avis (a blue Nissan Maxima), allowed
across at another border point. Drove

direct to Seattle airport-paid double
for a one-way ticket to Berlin, but departed

(on layover) in Washington. At Dulles
he rented a Mercury Coup (another shade

blue, but a sporty two-door). The following
day Hector arrived in Asheville. Filling

his gas tank at Mike's Garage, told the proprietor
his car would no longer start. Examining

the Nissan key, the mechanic informed him it
was the wrong one. Angered, Hector insisted

it had been igniting the engine. Mike towed it
to the back lot and ordered a new key

from Mercury. The security camera
at the Blue Ridge Motel showed Hector appeared

in the lobby five times before braving the clerk.
Hector left the building not venturing

inside his rented room and was found sprawled naked
in the garage parking lot at 3a.m., smeared

with oil, his back, arms and legs ground with asphalt.
Surrounding him: Turkish, German, and American

currency. An unopened nylon fanny-pack
contained $9,000 in jewelry,

gold and platinum. By his body-the lost key
to the Mercury. Hector's aging father, when

given the news, was inconsolable, more so
when a legal mix-up ceased the casket's return.

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