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April is Poetry Month

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April is National Poetry Month, and I hope, just as in years past, much of happyrobot will post poems and poetry-related material for the entirety of the month. So put your pants on and get ready.

This April is an intense and happy time for me, but also hectic, so I may not post as much as I'd like. The good news is, after an overlong hiatus, I'm actively sending my work out into the world again, entering first-book awards, etc., trying to bring poetry back to the forefront of my life.

I'm also moving all our worldly belongings from one apartment, two floors down into another apartment--by myself, with a  shopping cart. At the rate I'm progressing it will take six years.

Plus, at home, we're a bit preoccupied with the imminent publication of my wife's novel, A Fortunate Age. It's available in bookstores in less than a week, on April 7th. It was a good six years in the making, and not without a huge amount of hair pulling, teeth grinding, heavy sweating, and tear shedding, and that was just me. But seriously, I'm enormously proud of Mrs. FTR. I should point out it's entirely fiction. If there's a website mentioned called rappyhobot, it's pure coincidence. There's a handful of readings in NYC this month. Others sure to follow. Come if you can.

Here's God's Grandeur. It was made by Hopkins using a combination of electricity, body fluid, and the resonate echo of the big bang.

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