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Coming to North Carolina (Update)

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Dear Friends,

If you've an interest in seeing me and the Ball family, we'll be in North Carolina all of next week or so, arriving in Asheville, the evening of Saturday, September 5th, for my wife, Joanna Smith Rakoff's reading at Malaprop's. The evening of Monday the 7th, I'll be at Snuzzfest at Local 506 in Chapel Hill, to help and celebrate my great old friend and incredible musician, Britt 'Snuzz' Uzzell. On September 8, we'll be in Greensboro for a reading at 7pm at the Friendly Center Barnes & Noble, Thursday, September 10th, we'll be at The Regulator in Durham, for a reading at 7pm. Friday, the 11th, at 2pm, Joanna's reading at MacIntyre's in Fearrington Village, and our last day in NC, Saturday the 12th, look for us at the NC Literary Festival in Chapel Hill. Joanna's event is with first-time novelist William Conescu at 12:20pm in Manning Hall.

Joanna's full reading schedule is updated here.

If you'd rather see us in Brooklyn, come to the Brooklyn Books Festival. Joanna's event is on September 13th. Here's the info:

St. Francis College Reading Room (180 Remsen Street)
10:00 a.m. Next Texts: Four Debut Novelists. The Brooklyn Book Festival presents readings from four of the finest debut novels of 2009. Featuring Marie Mockett (Picking Bones from Ash), Shanthi Sekaran (The Prayer Room), Marc Fitten (Valeria’s Last Stand) and Joanna Smith Rakoff (A Fortunate Age).

I want to see you. I know it's been a long time. We could have dinner, drinks, let the kids play together. I'd love to see your house, or eat barbecue, hushpuppies, fried okra, anything at all. We could talk about old times. I've missed you. I only wish the visit was longer. I'm not on facespace, or twitbook, so please pass this note along and ask everyone to look for me, seriously, everyone, thanks.


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