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April - National Poetry Month 2007

National Poetry Month, 2007, I'd like to attempt an experiment. It's doubtful I'll manage it every day, but for the entirety of April, I'll grit my teeth and shut my eyes and post as many newly composed raw and ugly rough drafts of poems as I can manage. Maybe the same poem again and again. It may be fun. It may be awful. It may be just another electronic blip in a chaotic and meaningless universe. But maybe the kids will like it. I'll never know unless I ...
» That which we are, we are... (4/30/2007)
» # (4/24/2007)
» Intermission (4/18/2007)
» Turned the torch lamp off when I heard ... (4/17/2007)
» An Open Letter to my Onrushing Midlife Crisis (on Tax Day) (4/15/2007)
» New Boots (4/13/2007)
» Notes on a Found Photo, part 2 (4/11/2007)
» Notes on a Found Photo (Third Draft) (4/5/2007)
» Notes on a Found Photo (second draft) (4/4/2007)
» Notes on a Found Photo (4/4/2007)
» From chocolate-brown couch... (4/1/2007)
» April is (still) National Poetry Month (3/31/2007)

April - National Poetry Month 2007

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