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an open letter to my advisor & y'all
Wednesday, January 19, 2005

› by victoria

wednesday has, so far, been a million-improvement on tuesday. Yesterday, when I got home from work (in the midst of this "alberta clipper" induced snow-and-windstorm, which was lovely) I hugged B.f. and just cried for like 10 minutes. Serious gut-wrenching crying. I think it scared him a little, but he was just so sweet about everything, just held me and got me a cup of juice and calmed me down and asked me how my day was. I explained that my day was a bit hectic, what with the fact that they were assigning me multiplicities of things to do--it seems like there's some rule that if I am idle (or doing things like reading at the front desk) my work supervisors feel that I must be kept occupied, whereas my co-workers are allowed to be idle for hours at a time and aren't forced to do anything. This frustrates me, a LOT, and the only manager I felt comfortable talking to about this moved onward (and upward) to work in a different section of the library. Grrr. I wonder if you can get carpal tunnel syndrome from photocopying 10,000 pages at once. ANYWAYS, B.f. made rice and veggie stir-fry-thing (which I love) and we watched "Unforgivable Blackness" on PBS, awesome, awesome program. We also watched that PBS show about the Concord Jet, which was funny, since B.f. used it as a point of catharsis for his hatred for the Queen of England--I don't know why he doesn't like her, but he just detests her SO much it's hilarious. (it's nice when he's cracking jokes because that means he feels healthier...

And then we went to be at like, midnight (which was early for me) and I woke up today and had a great morning (I found out I was on the College of Communications Dean's List for my high grades of 3.75 or above! wow, what a pleasant surprise) before I went to school for my first class, 9 AM Philosophy of Human Nature. I really didn't like my freshman Phil 001 class, but the professor for this class is SO cool and he's one of those people whom I can just listen to talk for hours about Rene Descartes. Very neat. Then I ran over to ADPR 143 which is taught by my advisor (HOORAY!) and it was awesome. I just missed her SO much over break. The class looks TOO cool, I can't wait to start on my first assignment!!
Sadly, I didn't get to talk to her very much at all. But the thing is, she said to send her an email so I think I will post a smattering of ideas that I would like to share with her on the Art Colony...Bonne idee, non?


Dear Linda (coolest advisor in the universe),

I am currently doing the Art Museum internship! It is crazy, but exciting too. I will be co-ordinating the Keith Haring mural project AND Student Fine arts night, so hopefully that will go well. If "A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS" is still showing, we *NEED* to go see that because i haven't seen anything in theaters before/since "THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU." My life is still mad-crazy insane, I tried to apply for this CFS student loan but it didn't work out, so I don't know what to do about that. Did you see my latest cartoon in the blasted Tribune? (hey, that rhymes :) I hate what they've done to their viewpoints page, it's so blinkin' conservative it makes me violently ill. I wish I could get B.f. over for a visit again, he really liked meeting you (fact; I would cheer him up all the time over break when he would get sad by saying that he was a good webdesigner/artist and cool person because you agreed with me on those points as well). Basically your class is just making my day and I totally can't wait to start working on all that stuff! Although where I will get a USB drive, I have no idea, but hopefully that will all work out. What else did you get to do over break? I read "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell", a Harry Potteresque book that I know you would love if you could find the time to read it (it's 800 dense pages, but it's *so* good). And I was basically a junkie on Advertising programs, you will love "Advertrocities" so please check it out from the library soon!
And I hope to talk to you in your coolest office in the universe later-- :)

Victoria :)

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