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i wish snow was just a rapper
Saturday, January 22, 2005

› by victoria

here in wisconsin, not just milwaukee, we must've gotten about 9-10 inches of snow over the past few hours. the snow isn't necessarily the worst thing, either; there are gusting winds that blow the snow around, destroy visibility, & make you feel like an extra out of "The Gold Rush" with Charlie Chaplin... awful weather. I had to clamber through 2.5 foot high snowmounds to get to the bus entrance (i am wearing boots today as a precaution against soggy feet, but still)... B.f. was hoping that work would be cancelled. And MU did cancel classes and a bunch of activities, but not opening up the library! So I guess I'll be stuck here until 6 pm. Lovely...
Yesterday evening wasn't a lot of fun, because I was exhausted and B.f. was sleep-deprived (and when he gets sleep-deprived, he gets cranky, or hyperactive, depending on whether I'm trying to take a nap or not... I think he comes out with some very funny stuff, even when I'm trying to nap). But yeah, so he was cranky, and I was a bit despondent, and so we ended up watching "The Bernie Mac Show" and "NOW" on PBS before going to bed. Where we didn't really go to sleep, cuz I was too sad to sleep, so I started talking about random things I had read/seen on the internet, and so we ended up having a great conversation, and so things got better again. (I love that talking about anything from people addicted to MMOPGs to hoaxes to religion to philosophy can make people less cranky/sad). I felt rather bad for not going to Robin's house, but we were under a severe snowstorm weather watch and not only was I extremely tired, but i also knew that finding parking (if we left Robin's house at like, 3 A.M.) was going to be impossible with the snowstorm AND I had to take a bath, and you can't go outside with wet hair (it's one of my personal rules, just like "always brush your teeth before you go to bed/work").
So yeah, uneventful Friday night. Didn't want to go to work, but I made it! and w00t, I get to work with Steve (he's nice). So hopefully today will be really cool :)

12 inches of Snow

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