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short lil' entry
Monday, January 24, 2005

› by victoria

fact: today was a long day. i got to talk to advisor for about 30 min. we commiserated about such atrocities as our college newspaper (they've reduced the size of my comic to 6x3", presumably to make room for more conservative opinion pieces, yeeech) and other things. i had a great time chatting w/ her, but i hope i didn't bother her either, since there always seem to be 50,000 demands on her attention.
went over to jill's last night, had a lot of fun, worried about robin, i hope she feels better. her boyfriend dan really doesn't like me...well, i get the impression he's pissed off at me, and i tried to be friendly, really, i did. But...

gotta call jill to try again for student loans. rent is looming so i don't want to think about that. B.f. went for a second job interview for the coop place today, apparently 4 other people applied for the same job so we're crossing our fingers and i'm stressed as all hell. And...? hmm, what else...
i still have to read like 200 pages of THE ODYSSEY. oh well!

and poor b.f. feels bad cuz i admitted i am hungry and cold at school...which is sad. (sorry for raiding your candy jar, made up a majority of my lunch, which, besides mini candy bars, was a mini bag of popcorn. so thanks, and sorry)
oh, and i'm writing this at NODE the internet cafe, and the keyboard is broken so i can't press shift consistently.
longer letter later --

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