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happy birfday, b.f.!
Thursday, January 27, 2005

› by victoria

Today is B.f's 22nd birthday! I even made him a cake yesterday. It is not the most aesthetically appealing masterwork of flour, eggs, chocolate and sugar but I tried (using "Jiffy" Devil's food cake mix and fudge frosting). At least it tastes okay! I even came home from school early yesterday, excusing myself from my last class of the day (small group communication, from 1-1:50 PM) because I needed some sanity-time and I had to run some errands. Plus I was so exhausted that I was nodding off in both my Philosophy of Human Nature class (which I love) and my Graphic Design class (which I love even more, plus I got to talk to my advisor after class even). So I took the bus a bit further down than I normally did so I could go to Farwell Records, where I got B.f. a really nice (inexpensive, and good condition) set of the soundtrack to GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS. Partly because B.f. is from Southern California, and he loves rap, soul, and all kinds of music, so this is like an extra cool mix-tape featuring people like Slick Rick, 2 Pac, Cypress Hill, James Brown, Willie Nelson, and all kinds of random goodness. Then I went to Koppa's Fulbeli Deli (a business so cute that even the happyroboters in New York would find it appealing and quirky) and got some broccoli, a can of chili, and the cake mix/frosting, it all cost less than $4.75. And afterwards, I went to walgreen's (*midwestern drug store chain, currently embroiled in a lawsuit with Wal-mart because they use the word "free" in their advertising bulletins) to get some necessary items for myself, but goddamnit, I felt guilty about buying them. And then I went home at like 1 PM, and B.f. was *so* glad to see me. I even had time to clean up the apartment, take out all the garbages and do the dishes and bake a cake. And B.f. and I went to the bank to cash our checks, which makes the total in my checking account $288-something. It was originally $303, but B.f. wanted to get some food and you can't say no to somebody when it's
A.) practically their birthday
B.) there really isn't a lot of food at all, at home.
So we got 3 boxes of pasta (linguine and angel hair are his favorites), a jar of alfredo sauce, a bag of apples, 2 boxlets of chili, a crate (is that how you say it?) of eggs, and a honey bear (because b.f. loves honey sooo much).
Then we went home, I was expecting and hoping to go over to Jill's yesterday to work out the student loan thing but Robin had a health emergency yesterday in the wee hours of the morning--2 Am, 3 Am-ish--and so they had to rush her to the E.R. I think she was a lot better when she got there, that's the impression that I got from talking to Jill on the phone, but it was still a scary thought. So even though Robin is okay now, Jill and her didn't really get any sleep so Jill was talking to me on the phone in a somnambulent haze. So I felt really bad about bothering her. I felt bad about stuff in general yesterday evening, feeling as hopelessly doomed as I do about the bloody rent, which, barring a miracle, we are not going to be able to make, at ALL, by any stretch of the imagination. I can think of a few things that could've made it different--if that JERK on Ebay hadn't demanded a $175 refund, then we would be doing a lot better. If the blasted electric bill check hadn't cashed, we would've have been doing a LOT better. It's like the worst coincidences in the world fall into place like that. (i'm sorry I've got to vent the negativity somewhere--I will be at school today from opening up work at 7:45 AM to finishing up at the Art Museum where I'm interning at probably 7:45 PM so my day is long...)
I was just sitting in front of the TV with B.f. yesterday, and he was just being an angel because I was just in such an absolute black miasma, mood-wise. And he just kept on saying
"But there's so much to be happy're on the Dean's list, and you have a job, and I love you, and Robin and Jill and your advisor and Katie are all your friends..." just listing all these things for me to be happy about. And then I smiled, and he said "I love it when you smile" and it was just so, so sweet. We ended up watching "American Idol" and "The Simple Life: Interns", which was Incredibly hilarious. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were first interning at a garage in New Jersey, where they failed miserably at changing oil filters, driving cars, etc. and then they interned at a New York City Advertising firm. I was saying "I wish I had an empty cassette tape! So I could tape this for my advisor!" it was that amusing. These girls were the worst interns in the history of the UNIVERSE for that ad agency. They didn't sort the mail, they shoved it in random places like the fridge or the microwave. When they were told to order lunch for the people at the agency, they ate all the food themselves at the restaurant and what they didn't eat, they dropped while crossing the street. Instead of photocopying their company documents, they photocopied their cleavage and handed out autographed cleavage-copies along with shots of Jack Daniel's. About the only thing they did right was when Nicole Richie got the Ad Agency president a table for 4 at the hottest restaurant in NYC, where it was impossible to get reservations. She promised the maitre-d outrageous offers, from "My boss...will give the restaurant owner pleasure if he gives him a table for 4...he will perform a striptease at the restaurant. and paint his nipples red...okay, alright, so he's going to jail, and this is his last meal and he wants to eat at your restaurant..." and we never really found out what got her the coveted table, but the Ad Agency owner was pleased. It was hilarious. B.f. was laughing so hard, as was I, and it really boosted morale. And before i go for today's entry, I just want to say a quick shout out to my birfday boy:

B.f., you are an absolute ANGEL and I hope you have the happiest 22nd birthday possible. I wish I could give you everything he wanted AND a platinum turntable stereo system AND a trip to Tokyo, because you most certainly deserve it. And so here's happyHAPPYhappy birthday wishes to you!

Please send him happygoodluck vibes for his birthday, because today is the day he finds out whether he got the job at the co-op!

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