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Friday, January 28, 2005

› by victoria

I am, officially, really really tired. But I'm smiling! I don't even know why I got out of bed this morning (except to go to work at 7:15 AM) but it was one of those mornings when you wake up and you just want to sleep in your warm cozy bed because you know the room is cold and the floor is cold too. At least when I went to catch the bus this morning, the sun was rising at the same time, which always gives you a sort of uplifting feeling inside that boosts your day a lot...

Well, yesterday was B.f.'s birthday. He wrote a kickin' West Coast style rap loop yesterday (the day I can get him to put together a CD will be a great day indeed, since lately he's been working in a different musical style/genre every day. So one day he'll do a reggae song, the next day he'll do a heavy-metal type song, the next lounge, next bassa nova, it's really cool. Like a musical Advent calendar of surprises). I didn't get home from work until 7 PM, and I feel really bad about stressing so much about where B.f. was. See, I thought he was going to come down to the Haggerty to see the opening of the Keith Haring exhibit with me, but instead he was depressed so he stayed at home and wrote music.

(he was depressed because the co-op place didn't call him back)

This made me depressed as well last night. But not as much as I was terrified. It was after art club, and I was looking for him everywhere, all over campus, and I couldn't find him anyplace and I was getting really worried and scared. I even called Jill to see if she knew anything about what B.f. was doing, if he was okay, if he was asleep, something like that. I was really glad to talk to her, she sounded refreshed (*she finally had something like, 15 hours straight REM sleep, which was what she needed after the ER trip yesterday). Plus Robin feels better, Yay! All in all, the ER thing was pretty scary. As was B.f. being gone. So finally I just left and went home on the bus, and I was so relieved when he answered the buzzer--just so, SO relieved. So we got to watch THE OC together like he wanted to (for his birthday!) and we found a 22 oz bottle of smirnoff ice that we split while eating pasta. It improved the show considerably, although I must say I am disappointed that it wasn't as sleazy as the previews promised. (More sleaze! More! More!) His grandparents in Iowa sent him a $100.00 check for his birthday, so now we're only $200 short on rent, which is a big improvement. I feel hopeful today.

(I didn't feel so hopeful when I was going to work though--leaving B.f. to go to school/work in the mornings is the hardest. I'm not going to say he looks like a puppy/kitten, but you know how hard it is to wrench yourself away from an adorable puppy/kitten? Multiply that times 10, and that's how tough it is for me to just get going to work. Because I'm gone so much, we have to pack in talking and having fun around my schedule, like this morning we were doing Yoga along with this crazy TV show on PBS. I was so incompetent at it that we were just was a lot of fun.)

So much else to say...I think it's cool that Sunshine Jen got to see Carrie Fisher in real life. My favorite Carrie Fisher movie-part ever is the scene in the "Blues Brothers" where she loses it and starts blasting away at Jake and Elwood with a machine gun. That scene is SO priceless. Or the part in the first 'Austin Powers' movie, where she plays the psychologist...


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