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The Final Soda Stockade
Thursday, February 10, 2005

› by victoria

So yesterday I get out of Small Group communications 20 minutes early. I use those twenty minutes to run over to the library, save my paper on a disk since i have to submit it online (duh--shame on me, I should've realized that my teacher who is a nice guy but whose name could also be "mr. Online Learning Systems" would want us to submit our papers online), then rush home on the bus, go to walgreen's and get a loaf of bread, some of those cheap-ass cookies that BF and I end up munching on 24/7 (they're $1 for 10 packs of cookies, it's a good deal and they don't taste bad at all, especially when they haven't been smashed into cookie fragments) and Camels for Jill, and then I am walking down the street when I hear "Hey, Victoria!" from behind me and it's Katie!!! So she was going for a walk after grading some papers (because she is my Englishteacherfriend and she ROCKS) and so she accompanied me to Bella's Fat Cat where I was obtaining a cheeseburger for BF (*I knew he hadn't eaten lunch, and I wouldn't have had time to make him lunch before he had to go to work), a veggieburger for me, and a Strawberry milkshake for my best friend Robin. Katie and I had a great chat, mostly it was me talking a mile-a-minute about all this random stuff that was buzzing around in my head but she was terribly nice about it. She is great (and I said that the way BF says "great", it's such a versatile adjective for him). Then we went to the Hardware store across the street (I love where we live, it is so easy to walk to anything) to get my apt. keys duplicated because we have lived in 202 for 5 months now, but still BF had the only set of keys so now that we're both out of the apt. at different times, we absolutely had to get the keys duplicated. But they wouldn't accept a checkcard for less than $4.00 and it cost $3.15 to get them duplicated, so Katie covered the tab (*thank you!! :) for the keys. And they work! Hooray! So we talked a bit more, then she continued on her walk, and I went home where BF was getting dressed because his work started at 4, not 5 as I had thought, so it was actually a good thing that I had obtained comestibles for all. He dropped me off @ Robin's house, and he went off (presumably) to work (*it ended up being a seminar-class thing that he had already attended so he ended up going home and finishing reading this book, THEM, that he's reading, until 8PM when he came over and joined me at Robin's. Robin and I cleaned up her room together to make it more manageable, I always enjoy helping her do that, it's really fun for me and I hope she finds it fun as well. Then we saw this incredibly awful 60's horror flick, "Carnival of Souls" and we tried to watch this other 60's horror flick starring Dennis Hopper as a sailor named "Johnny Drake" who falls in love with an evil Beatnik mermaid. Yeah, it was as bad as it sounds. Robin and I were joshing those movies pretty hard, we ate twizzlers and drank cream soda and then she started to get drowsy from some of her pain meds so I let her sleep and went downstairs when BF came over and Jill and him and me all went downstairs to talk. We had a fascinating chat--Jill has had SO many cool experiences as a public defender over the years, it's amazing! I swear, they should make a TV show about her, it would be both kick-ass and compellingly addictive. We ended up talking about everything from how great Missy Elliot is, to how Bush is raiding all the parts of the budget to pay for Iraq and his "executive budget," to algebra. BF and I then made a quick trip to the grocery store for Jill to pick up a BUNCH of soda--when I say "a bunch" i mean, a LOT. (because Robin loves soda, and Jill is diabetic, so they drink a lot of diet soda and sparkling water and tasty aqua-treats like that). So BF is super-tired and still cranky from quitting in the grocery store, but it was a blast loading up the cart for the Final Soda Stockade...we're talking

-Regular Mountain Dew
-Mountain Dew Live Wire (*this is my fave soda, as well...Katie gave me one this morning while giving me a ride to school/work. Grazie Mille, Katie! :)
-Diet pepsi, caffeine free
-Sierra Mist free
-La Croix cran-raspberry flavor
-Diet Minute Maid lemonade

and probably some other things, but since I woke up at 5 AM this morning with BF my brain isn't functioning at peak capacity. Anyways, so we get to the checkout and Jill had given me her american express card and bonus savings store membership card, so the store membership card worked okay but then the A.E. card wasn't working. I guess they didn't accept it, but the cashier lady was being extremely ornery and mean about it. So I paid for everything on my check card, but I was a bit distressed seeing as the lady was so mean. When we get back to Jill's, I was a little bit teary (hey, i haven't cried in a while) and Jill promised that the cashier lady "would pay" (evil laugh here) so that was great. We loaded up all the soda and everything, Jill was a sweetheart and gave me a check so I could re-charge my checking account (but somehow I feel that we're going to be doing a bit better financially, at least I hope and pray so) and that was really really nice of her. And then we talked more about these crazy homicide cases she used to try--we're talking stories so interesting, we're absolutely engrossed in them. Awesome good time. I wish I could've said goodbye to Robin, but she was sleeping peacefully and she had had a rough day, so I'm glad I was able to cheer her up at all. Something fun was when we found, while cleaning her room, a bunch of old photographs of her and her beloved cat, was weird, cuz these were old photographs (probably 8, 9 years old) and I remembered being friends with her then! It was great.

And today was BF's big first day at work! he's working, technically, from 6 AM to 12 noon. so I'm hoping, with fingers and toes crossed, that everything works out really well for him. And I'm hoping that everyone else on the 'bot has a great day as well. I'm nervous cuz I have to re-write a press release for my internship and I don't think that i'm very good at writing them. Plus I'm uber-behind in my reading for ENGLISH 173. Aeneid, here i come! :)

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