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cleanin' on up
Saturday, February 12, 2005

› by victoria

BF and I went to bed at 8 PM last night. Woke up at 5:20 AM this morning, and I go into robo-gear to get BF ready for work, since he has a 15 minute drive to get there and has to get dressed, eat breakfast, etc. Cheerios with bananas and strawberries in milk? check. T-shirt, clean sweater, and clean jeans? check. Socks? check. You get the picture. So he leaves at 5:45 AM and I had drunk too much coffee to go back to bed (I had to be at work by 10 AM) so I watch this documentary that i had rented a few days ago, but BF didn't exactly find scintillating-looking.

The documentary is called "People Like Us" and it is absolutely one of the most cool documentaries ever (besides "Genghis Blues"). It's all about social class in America--lower, middle, and upper. You really want to sock the upper in the face, especially this one guy boasting about his "W.A.S.P." pedigree. The middle is interesting because they go into how everybody in America considers themselves middle-class, and for African-americans this can sometimes lead to problems identifying themselves with other African-americans (the Jack n' Jill club, or some kind of organization like that, was prominently featured). And then they had lower class, which was really sad because they featured the story of this woman named "Tammy" who lived in a trailer with her 4 kids and it was just incredibly depressing. Plus then they went into how working class people are either ignored or embraced as "real" and "authentic" by white collar workers, pointing this out by featuring Baltimore's (I think) "Hon Festival", where all these upper-middle class women dress up as 1960's working class waitresses. The worst, though, was when they encapsuled the whole social class strata in America by comparing it to highschool--eugggghhh. These highschoolers, for the most part, were incredibly awful, particularly the "rich bitches" (if I may be so bold) who were saying stuff like

"Yeah, nerds are cool, because, like, Bill Gates is a nerd and he's really rich...(laughter) so that makes him cool."

The outsiders in that highschool were definitely the most interesting and appealing people there. There's a website for People Like Us as well.

Then I cleaned up the apartment for 2 hours while listening to , Panjabi MC , Verve Remixed 2 , and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas soundtrack . The whole place smells and looks so clean! It's refreshing! I even did some yoga in the living room! (I had 3 bags of garbage and 2 bags of recyclables left when I was done). And then I went to work, and it is a beautiful sunny day outside.

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