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da foahteenth
Monday, February 14, 2005

› by victoria

Happy Valentine's Day, whether you want it to be Valentine's day, wish it wasn't Valentine's Day, or have ignored the issue entirely.

I, for my part, am currently a bit dizzy and headached thanks to using those really fun Swedish Gummi Shot Glasses that Robin gave BF for Christmas a few months ago, last night. We have been chilling them in the freezer since Christmas, so when we finally filled them with Vanillacutty last night, they were pretty darn good and chilled. They were very yummy, too, it tasted like boozy gummy bears or swedish fish, plus it's just fun and wacky and Wonka-esque to eat your glass when you're done toasting with it!

I loved Road Dust's suggestions on what to do for Valentine's Day. I was going to send a very fun Keith Haring Ecard to Vera but I couldn't find her email address. So count this as a virtual virtual ecard. :)

For everyone who hates Valentine's day, I used to be one of the biggest haters of Valentine's Day EVER. I vaguely remember the 14th of February 2004 as the day when I snapped, once and for all, commiserbitching online with my friend Isabelle about how I hated everything, etc. etc. a la "What do I get " by the Buzzcocks. (I'm sure you remember that notable day, Isabelle, it was one of those moments where your advice changed my life). Now i'm transitioning into neutral mode of perception about Valentine's Day, because the media builds up holidays to this ridiculous point where nobody can achieve perfect level with the projected image unless they're "The Bachelor."

You know what I mean--the projected stereotypes of Roses, Candlelit dinners, Diamond jewelry, expensive chocolates, romantic sunsets, etc. etc. that aren't gonna happen for regular people. My idea of what Valentine's day should be (and is): watching tons of "Batman the Movie," "Wu-Tang Collection," and "Cleopatra Jones" movies while tossing back Vanillacutty and cranberry juice/coke, and just having a wonderful time wearing a t-shirt with a salsa stain on the side and track shorts from middle school. People should be able to celebrate whenever they want to, on whatever occasions they want to (this was known as the "BF got a job!" celebration) and in whatever ways they want to. They shouldn't feel obligated to be Martha Stewart, they should be happy and comfortable.

So do what you wanna do!
Happy V-day!

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