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i just fell asleep in english class
Tuesday, February 15, 2005

› by victoria

I was in deep REM sleep about 20 minutes ago in english class. It was hilarious, my notes read like this, word for word, space for mis-space (if I could scan them in, it would add even more to the amusement)--bear in mind, we are studying the AENEID:

Book V
pg. 132- Death of Palinurus- what is it about?
>a sacrifice, maybe?
>shows Aeneas that there's thinking about maybe NOt murking it to Latium
>Palinurus symbolizes "letting goe" of facts Paulinurus represents whatn happens to him (as the ultimate lowry? lawyer?what did I write here) to show that youshouldthinks--is FATE-a METAPHORE for National aprune.

sleep Book #6: Palinurus has a very different workview as a philopher--writes future destiny is face
= connected denoms (very different that visualizes fate)
Chapter : Jupiter gives away of good stuff.
EVANDER trojans (?) and Romans have common enemies land to short.
Greeks have been destroyed by Troy but Roman's who ledr
EVANDER is poor and has low arcur (wearing animal skins) they need GATHER Romans Evander invites wants Romans to redecorate Rome.
Aeneas is told to teach Pallas the "art of war."

I need a nap. I am so, so tired. I woke up early this morning (6:45) to make it into a meeting and take a shower because i postponed taking a shower last night. We had a Digiorno rising pizza last night, it was 'microwavable" and the thing was miniscule. The pizza was microscopic--90% was packaging! Outrageous.
At the mural meeting this morning, a student guard, Bradley, whom I kinda knew back in the day last year, was all like "You have lost a LOT of weight since I last saw you! You're skinny!"
I'm not sure if this was a lefthanded compliment or an insult. I chose to take it as a compliment, since he has a tendency to say verbal "clunkers."
I hope everybody had a great Valentine's day.
I have to go to my internship now!

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