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i swear, I can totally explain
Saturday, February 19, 2005

› by victoria

so yesterday i get home from work, humming the "numa numa" song (I really like the song, it's so darn cute--plus I'm the biggest sucka for Europop ever. You should see me hit "repeat" for Daddy DJ , it's hilarious). BF and I made what has to be the most incredibly delicious dish ever--okay, maybe that's exaggerating things, and it's not exactly "gourmet radicchio-garnish venison steaks served on a bed of saffron rice and fruits de mer--but it was mac n cheese with tuna. I had No idea such a combination was possible. It seemed like something my parents would say was food sacrilege. But it wasn't! It was REALLY GOOD. It's the kind of thing men on death row would ask for their last meal, pregnant women would crave, and dead spirits would demand be placed on the door to their spirit houses as an offering. It was intensely tasty.
Then BF and I were going to go on a walk, but we got distracted talking to our landlady.

See, we were friends with Susan from wayyy back when we moved in October. But now there's this bourgeois bitch named Ericka who thinks that she's way better than us and is trying to make Susan stop being friends with us as well. Some may say that I am reading too much into the situation, but it's completely obvious--when you've been talking to someone for an hour, then Ericka walks in and Susan is all like "Oh Hi Ericka! Meet [BF] and Victoria!" and Ericka isn't looking at all at us, she's looking in every direction but us, and she mutters out the most insincere "hi" since Richard the Third greeted his 2 nephews. Seriously. Ericka was ignoring us and so obviously wanted us to leave that we bounced fast. It was nice talking to Susan, though, like old times--or should I say the "pre-Ericka era?"

Then we went to Robin's house. It was great, we sat down instantaneously as soon as we arrived and watched a STAR TREK movie of some kind. (*I know hardly anything about Star Trek, but i will say this: Spock/Leonard Nimoy is the shiznit). It was very fun. Jill returned from someplace and we went down in the basement for a smokebreak, she started talking about being stopped for her expired plates on her car (Hers expired last july: BF's expired in January, and we can't get them replaced because we have like 10 parking tickets that we can't pay). It scared the shit out of me, and I started to cry. I still can't deal with it right now. I mean, it's just really overwhelming.

Went upstairs after that and was trying to have fun but it's hard when you want to throw yourself off a friggin' cliff. I made Robin a strawberry milkshake which she liked. :)
We watched what was rated #5 on the worst movie title of all time on Retrocrush . Dear GOD, JESSE JAMES MEETS FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER" is awful. It's unbearable, 88 minutes of pure IQ lowering crap. It was *so* bad--the leaden acting and glacially slow pace were painful. But that's okay, cuz we saw 'SILVERADO' afterwards and that movie was really good (pizza came, too! I ate a lot yesterday :ashamed face here:) Then it was like 2 AM and Robin wanted to show me + BF (*who had slept through all of JESSE JAMES MFD) some of the deleted scenes from L.o.t.R. #3.
They were really good, but L.o.t.R. makes me cry so much. I cried like 3 times, more like the silent tears running down the face kind.
And then at 3 AM we headed home and it was so cold and late outside that BF's car was making strange noises, hopefully it will be okay during the light of day.

Something weird, though, was that this radio station called Robin's house and was asking for me?...I am still hoping it was those people from v-100 jams calling to say I won $2,000 or something. That would be sheer heaven on earth. I swear, I need a miracle like that.

Oh, and I'm wearing the cute new running shoes that Katie got me--Thanks!!--they are so comfy and adorable. :) I will wear them all the time! And now I am at work 10 AM - 6 PM. And I have to mangle out the rest of my AENEID paper. Wish me luck!~~

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