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Friday, February 18, 2005

› by victoria

Due to my unforgivable negligence, and the really thoughtful pointing out of Adina that I owe all my fellow happyroboters the courtesy of explaining who's who and what's what, this post will be all about the people I talk about in my blog. That way you have a vague idea of what people are like, in Art Colony world. We're gonna start at the epicenter: maybe I can do another list later listing my family members, if you want me to. Here goes:

ME: about 5 feet, 10 inches tall. Shoulder-length blond hair (it is up in a ponytail today because I didn't feel like fixing it). Glasses, wire-framed ovoid ones that are the only flattering glasses frames I have ever worn. BF says I look vaguely like Drew Barrymore, only prettier (I think that I have more than a dash of Whoopi Goldberg thrown in there as well). Slug back coffee like there's no tomorrow. BF says I smoke too much, but I try not to, really, I do. I'm rather slim-ish, but I'm getting a lot stronger. My arm muscles are (almost) as big as BF's. ::flexes:: I am 20. And a libra, of which I am proud.

BF: about 6 feet, one inch tall. Darkdark black hair, in a bit of a cute post-modern choppy haircut, but he almost always wears his FUBU hat in public. (or should I call it his BUFU hat--for his made up slogan, "Buy Us, F*ck You"). No glasses. He looks like Johnny Depp mixed with a dash of John Cusack . Tall and slim. He hates being compared to celebrities, though. Has the cutest smile ever, it's more like a flash-smile unless he's laughing really hard. Is lately in a spanish/middle-eastern style guitar-playing phase. Hates getting up early, ironically he must get up at 5:15 AM to go to work from 6 AM-1 PM which makes him make "cranky dinosaur noises" but that's okay. Does the funniest impersonation of Jeff Goldblum in "Jurassic Park" that I have ever seen. Cooks **way** too well, I swear, I could gain 50 pounds eating his fried veggie rice.

Robin: about 5 feet, 6 inches. Dark brown shoulder length hair. Also has glasses! with wire frames! Very fine-featured face. Much stronger than she looks (no arm wrestling!please!) Has a propensity to make hilarious raunchy jokes about almost anything that will have me laughing and coughing. We have been friends for 6 or 7 years now, ever since elementary school and the dark eon of Middle School and all through Highschool, hanging out at Robin's house was like a refuge. (We would watch DARIA marathons and debate which one of us was more like Jane or Daria). Uncannily brilliant, Robin is the person I would call on "Who WAnts to Be a Millionaire" if I wanted to know any random trivia about Vin Diesel or Dungeons & Dragons or any arcania. Tough but kind-hearted. Robin, PEACE, MAN! (hi-five here) Loves her cat, Nipper, to bits. Nipper is "da cuteness", a very overweight tabby cat that is soft and cuddly and squeaks when you squish her. Is also my unofficial psychologist, a title she shares with her mom, Jill, because they help bolster my sanity! (thank you!)

Katie: about 5 feet, 7 inches. Blonde pixie-style modern haircut that always looks absolutely great. Always looks like a fashion plate, actually. She was my english teacher in my freshman year of highschool, but more like a friend really, and her english class was so much fun that it outgrew the title of "class" and transcended to "really fun thing to go to that counts for credit". Married to this cool guy, Brian, who works for a new local weekly magazine in Milwaukee that is very neat. Katie was the one who suggested that I write a column for "Riverwest Currents" since one of her good friends was the editor, and that was a really educational experience! She loves to surprise people. She went through a very rough time lately, which makes me so sad, because she is one of the sweetest people in the world and deserves to have only good things happen to her because she brings so many good things to everybody around her. (seriously, all you happyroboters would love to have her as a co-worker and friend...she brings the people where she works coffeecake! and the parking lot attendant guy, she brought him orange juice and donuts! she does nice things for SOOO many people). Has 2 kitties, one of whom is also "chub-chub" like Nipper. Is getting her P.H.d. in English, and I am very proud of her, cuz her James Joyce stuff is great.

Hope this helps explain who's who! I am sorry if I get distracted or confusing. I hope you all have a great day. Hang tough.

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