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Katie, the universe owes you a HELLUVA lot of good karma points
Thursday, February 17, 2005

› by victoria

Katie, you are such a good, kind, hopeful, hope-spreading person. You have built up more Karma points in probably 2 weeks than most people build up in a year. So you should imagine yourself with a big fat wallet full of rainbow pieces of monopoly-esque money that reads "500 Karma Points" instead of "500 Dollars", and you should remember that you can redeem your Karma points at the Store of the Universe for some good stuff that you want in your life.

That said, I hope you like "The Guru" soundtrack because it always makes me smile & I hope it makes you smile too.

Thank you for the shoes too. And the backpack. And giving me a ride in to work this morning, because otherwise I would've probably tried to hide from the beeping alarm some more so I could have more weird dreams.

It's nice to be sleepy and at the same time so overwhelmed by kindness that you feel like a disoriented Baby Squirrel .

BF and I actually cooked dinner yesterday: we made a massive amount of fried rice with "california vegetables". BF makes the *best* fried rice. I ate a ton of it, and there's still a ton left over. Plus we saw "DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE" last night--it was so outright macho and Jeremy Iron's acting was so corny that I couldn't help laughing! We had a really nice evening together, it was great, even when I took a bath and came out of the bathroom to find that BF had fallen completely asleep with the CD player on really loud... and I couldn't turn it down. We even got to watch the very end of "THE SIMPLE LIFE" on TV, and we really enjoy that show.

But there is a movie that I must share with you all, that transcends space and time, that is about bad music videos and stars John Cusack... It is Tapeheads . This movie is HILARIOUS. It is obscenely funny and I didn't even watch the whole movie! But when you have a Swedish Electro-Pop band music video--I think it's really Devo, but I'm not sure--singing a song called "Babydoll", while they are splattered with paint and have glitter and feathers thrown at them by John Cusack and Tim Robbins... oh lordy. This movie is brilliant, please, please rent it. I call First Dibs for Katie to request it from .

and my top-secret new dream-vacation-thing-to-look-forward-to is to go on a surfing vacation. someday. :)

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