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five minutes!
Friday, March 11, 2005

› by victoria

I have only 5 minutes to write my post.
I will keep it short n' sweet.

1.) please wish me luck on my small group communications midterm at 1 PM today. I don't see how you can have a midterm on stuff as vague as "small group communications" but I am studying very hard and I hope I do well and make y'all proud.

2.) yesterday BF and I busted our butts carrying home a beautiful old retro table and chair set for our kitchen-nook area. It was about 2 blocks away. BF carried the table, which must've weighed at least 60 pounds, and I carried the chairs and the table legs. It's an amazing piece of furniture, we will have to take pictures of it when I get a digital camera or something. I can't believe we found it being gotten rid of. Viva recycling!

3.) I went to bed at midnight and woke up at 6 am.

4.) Onion omelettes are tasty. I had one for breakfast, along with Mt. Dew Live Wire.

5.) That whole Lazkow or Kaslow case where the judge's husband & mother were shot by some random guy: I was really upset about that, but then I found out more about the 59 year old guy who shot himself after committing the 2 murders. He's really a pathetic figure--he was incredibly unable to deal with the fact that he lost his court malpractice case and his face was disfigured and all these other misfortunes. No excuse whatsoever to freak out and kill people, but it's a tragedy all around for the victim and the murderer in this case.

6.) What is up with the Milwaukee police? they are always killing people right and left in Milwaukee, or beating them up, or corruptly trying to extort them for money and's nuts.

7.) I have to go to Phil 050 class now. Damn!

Spare a positive thought for me and my English midterm, due at 5 pM today, my friends... :)

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