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10 things that I thought about today...
Wednesday, March 9, 2005

› by victoria

Hi, your old friend Katie here (did that remind you of grover??)...

Anyway, I really should be doing some research, but I can't keep my mind on it. Here are the things that I've been thinking about today:

1. The skateboarders who woke me up last night. They were kickflipping undneath my window at 1 AM and woke me up. I politely asked them to move, actually, I said half asleep through the window "I'm trying soooo hard to sleep, could you move down the street a bit?" And they did. They were so sweet and polite. So I was thinking if I see them in daylight if I should thank them or if that's creepy? I used to skateboard--I even had a "Skateboarding is not a crime!" sticker on my car. Until my now father in law said something about it and then I felt funny about it.

2. Watching the Simpsons this evening principal Skinner pronounced "Puma" like "p-you-ma." I always that it was like, "Pooh-ma." I wonder which it is.

3. I went to Sam's club today. Will I go to hell for that?

4. Why do strawberries always get so moldy in those plastic packages? Is it because they are hard (the plastic packages)? Maybe they could line them with that stuff that they use to soak up meat-blood (except unused).

5. Where the hell did I leave my glasses???

6. Yesterday it was supposed to snow, according to the weather man. Except it didn't. I wonder if those weather people get embarrased.

7. I think that salt is probably as bad as people say it is.

8. I wonder if happy-robot people really love TV or really hate it. I wonder if they will hate me if I let them know that I love TV. Mostly unrelated to this thought is number...

9. When I had my makeup done by that Lancome lady, I told her I liked Paris Hilton. She couldn't believe it. My mom likes Paris Hilton, too. I'm glad about that. The Lancome lady told me why she hated Paris Hilton, but it didn't change my mind. My mom & I like Nicole Ritchie, too.

10. There is this really weird grad student... she's really argumentative and socially awkward (more so than most graduate students, anyway). I saw her out of the corner of my eye and tried to avoid her, but she walked up to me and we wound up chatting. I wonder if she knew that I saw her but pretended not to.

My final thought... I'm really tired and am going to hit they hay.
Sending you all the Happy Robot salute....
good night.

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