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goin' on a big adventure, and they don't know what's in store
Wednesday, April 6, 2005

› by victoria

Basically, BF left at 10:30 AM this morning in a yellow taxi cab to go to Mitchell International Airport so he can travel from there to Houston's George Bush International Airport and from there to Albuquerque International Airport... so then Uncle Jimmy can pick him up and drive him back to Los Alamos so he can see his Grandma. Who arranged this whole trip, you may ask?

I did.

I am both proud of myself for doing this, and excessively nervous and worried about BF being safe and actually making it through the Minos-like mazes of modern airports. He seemed way more laid-back than me.

In fact, I went to my first class at 9 AM this morning, then I tried calling him after class...he had turned his cell phone off, which immediately set me to worrying "Aaaah! is he okay? did he call a taxi?" that kind of thing. I caught the bus at 10 AM and was home by 10:12. This is some kind of record, particularly considering that this is the Milwaukee Public Transport System AND during rush hour on a Wednesday morning... I ran up to our apartment, taking the stairs two at a time...
it was just like that scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail where Lancelot is running to answer the Prince's rescue request and there's that music playing, the "DAAA-dadaDA-dada-DAAAAA" that just instantly conveys that atmosphere of stress and insane running around...
And then Lancelot gets up to the apartment and discovers that the Prince--oops, I mean, BF--is sitting there watching TV and waiting for the taxi to arrive, as fine as can be. Whew.

I felt pretty silly!
I am just hoping that everything goes alright. I really want him to have a wonderful time seeing his Grandma & Uncle Jimmy, I really do. In the meantime, while he's gone, I need to work my a$$ off doing homework and working and maybe even relaxing, who knows...I just have to do the dishes for sure when I come home today.


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