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Thursday, April 7, 2005

› by victoria

so my last post was boring, i guess.
That sucks. I'm hoping to find companionship in my current VitaMix blender of emotions.

to be perfectly frank, i am starting to really feel the companionship-deprivation at this point. taking into account the fact that nearly everyone, when it comes to the hypothetical question "if you had a totem animal representing yourself, what would it be?" identifies me with a a cockatiel, I am very similiar, personality-wise, to a cockatiel.

My Zia Maria has a cockatiel named Rico. He's almost 20 years old at this point, I think, but as hilarious and stubbornly silly as ever. He whistles at the mirror and everyone who comes in the room, watches cable TV, likes to have his pin feathers scratched (*the feathers on the back of his head), throws seeds around, and generally has a great time. He eats fruit, sleeps whenever he wants to, and is always ready to play. He loves to be talked to.

I agree with Rico's life philosophy. Eat plenty of carbs/seeds, bop steady, whistle at yourself in the mirror, and enjoy being told every day that you are a "pretty bird."

At this point, though, with BF being gone for a solid day, I'm starting to feel like a cockatiel whose cage has been covered with a blanket.

Yesterday I went for a walk to the library in the rain, cleaned the apartment (especially the kitchen), took a long bath, listened to the thunder outside, watched the end of "The Winter's Tale" shakespeare movie, AND "The Full Monty", and the introduction to "The Pink Panther Strikes Again." But I felt guilty watching "The Pink Panther" without BF. Especially the funniest part with Kato. Watched "The Simple Life: Interns" which made me think about BF as well, since we normally watch that show together and I know he would've loved this week's episode, in which our heroines work at a retirement/assisted living home. Ate a bag of iceberg lettuce for dinner (*I am going to try to get thinner, piu snella as the Italians would say, in time for BF's coming back next week). Am currently bemoaning the fact that it appears I have, coming up very quickly,
>Philosophy exam of some kind, and I don't even know where my book on Spinoza is
>Internship paper which I have to write, I also have to write my Gallery Guide for Kids on my internship's last exhibit
>Working on my Print Advertisement for Graphic Design class
>Working on my paper for English 173--seven or eight pages

Man, I wish I was on vacation too.
But BF called me last night at midnight (my time) to tell me he was okay. I was so glad to know everything was alright. Now all I have to do is deal with my conflicting emotions and try to convince myself that I haven't been placed in some kind of Dickensian prison, picking oakum and being kept without human contact.

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