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Polish Grocer
Friday, April 8, 2005

› by katie

There is this cute little polish grocery store that is just around the corner from my apartment. We go there a lot because it is very convenient and of course, because we (and by we, I mean me & my husband) also like to support local business. It's just a funny hip little store. They sell weird postcards, have a good deli, and have the large "section" words of their store written incorrectly on purpose--Dairy becomes Diary. All in all, it's an A+ store (with the exception of the fact that their avacadoes are always strangely rubbery).

Anyway, there is this really bizzare woman who works there. She is of an indeterminate age and has a strange sort of social awkwardness. Line conversations are always weird but interesting... one day she had everyone in line talking about their favorite type of sandwich. She insisted that Salami with Jelly was good. She was repulsed by the fact that I liked Tomato.

Another day I was going through line and she asked me how much I weighed. She said she was going on a diet and wanted to get a sense of what weights go with what body types... okay...

So today I went through her line (the only one) and she offered me a Brewer schedule. When I told her I had one already (which I honestly do) she informed me that I could always use another. Then she started asking me if I watched the brewers and went into this "thing" about Brewers in the 80's. I lied and told her that I watched the brewers in the 80's which I didn't (I only watched them when I moved to Milwaukee--and by "watched" I mean will go to the stadium and eat pretzels and polka during the 7th inning stretch). I don't even know if she believed me, but at that point, I had the schedule and wanted to be polite. The Paul Molitor years... really. No idea. At all.

I wonder what it is like to be an awkward woman of an indeterminate age who works at a polish grocer.

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