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Saturday, April 9, 2005

› by victoria

I have lots of goals.
Unrealistic ones, semi-realistic ones, and actually-achievable ones.

Starting with the Unrealistic Goals:

>Get as thin and in-shape as BF. It's impossible, I know, because he is (A.) genetically blessed [my Public Relations teacher has a similiar background to Bf, being half-Dutch and half-somethingelse, in her case Egyptian and in his case Native American, and they are both incredibly thin & cool & fabulous] and (B.) a man, but he still provides me with a standard that I wish I could achieve. I am currently cutting drastically back on the smoking, and starting to do my Yoga-shit again and eating lots of fruits & veggies and trying to cut back on the carbs, but still, I will have a wide pelvis and there is nothing I can do about it. Damn.

>Get student loans. I refuse to give up on this one, somehow, because I tenaciously believe that it must be possible, somehow.

Semi-Realistic Goals:

>I want to travel to Italy again. I'm absolutely aching to go back there, because--I'm not sure if I'm the only person who feels this way, there must be many more, which would explain the popularity of anything with the label "Tuscany" slapped on it--once you have been to Italy, you realize it's not just a country, it's a whole vibe, a whole state of mind. For me, at least, it's as if the horizons of possibility have been peeled back like an orange peel and suddenly you can do pretty much anything you want to. It's like the energy drink of pure adventure, standing on a standing wave of excitement. All this news coverage of Rome, which is one of my favorite cities (and which I know like the back of my hand, having walked across it several times) makes me want to go back SO BADLY. Plus, I need to get more italian music & brush up on my foreign language skills. France wouldn't be too shabby either, I haven't been there since I was, 9? I think?

>Get a kick-ass paid internship. I really, really would love to do this. I want so badly to make a success of myself, to get a good job in Advertising. That would mean so much to me. I love work, and I have morphed from being the most relaxed kid in the world to being so driven that I can't relax even when I have to, so I think I'd be good at it.

>Write my goddamn resume. I really am dreading doing this, since i have done so much stuff over the years & won a lot of art awards that I remember, but can't place in chronology/time. I am phobic of resumes to be honest. Eeeep!

>Meet BF's family, someday. They seem so cool.

>Get a kitten. Hot damn, do I ever want a little shmooshy adorable ball of fluff that squeeks, and grows up into a lovable cat that will come and sit with me and make me trip while I am trying to get ready in the mornings...:sigh:

Actually Achievable Goals?

>Finish this semester without going crazy? That would be nice.

>Do more artwork.

>Clean up the apartment so that it looks presentable.

>Catch up on my required reading: write all the blasted essays; perfect my impromptu bullshitting technique for various speeches that I have to make.

>Pick up BF at the airport when he comes home, in a perfect movie-moment? That would be great. :)

>Catch some sunshine.

>Get new sneakers!

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