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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

› by victoria

I am so excited. And optomistic. BF is coming home tomorrow! YES! Finally!

I had to go home from school yesterday because my stomach hurt so much...I really thought I had food poisoning. Weak, dizzy, sick, the works. So I went home and lay down, took all the pepto-bismol tablets I had in the house, read JUMPER by Stephen Gould (or most of it...that book is fucking AMAZING. And I feel no guilt in saying the f-word because, lo-and-behold, the author uses it in the book himself!). It's brilliant. I mean, any book with glowing praise on the back from Bruce Coville (*my favorite author of all time) is gonna be good. So I got about 3/4 of the way through that. Then I had some pasta (plain) to try to make my stomach feel better...surprisingly, it worked! (!) Thank you to Katie & Robin for the phone-assistance, it turned out that my bank was just catching up to itself, so it's all good.

Ended up going to the library later and renting a whole bunch of videos that BF wouldn't like, so I might as well see while he's gone: an Inspector Morse episode, a tape of "Sex and the City" (*which I had never seen before, I might add), and this supposed "comedy" called COMMITTED. COMMITTED was *NOT* a comedy. That was a complete crock. It was a weird, jerk-on-your-chain late 90's-early 2000's romantic mish-mosh, the movie equivalent of when my younger sister tried to brew her own apple-booze by mashing up a whole bushel of apples in water and adding rum extract and leaving it on the stove to "simmer" for a whole week until the smell alerted the rest of the family to its presence...

Sex and the City, on the other hand, was hysterically funny. I was alternately laughing and turning down the volume (I like to watch movies loud, BF can't stand loud volume on the TV, and in the case of when somebody in a TV show is yelling "OHHHH YESSS" I mean, you kinda have to turn down the volume). I definitely like the main character the best because she chain smokes like me (hee hee) and looked like crap on the "Single and Fabulous?" magazine cover. Yeah, it was just a very funny show. I cleaned up the apartment, the floor is sparkling and so clean you could eat sushi off it at this point.

I feel like an idiot for accidentally destroying the mix CD I made for Robin. (Sorry, Robin!) I was spraypainting it and the top-foil-label came off, and apparently you need that to make the disk play. Ooooops. :-0 That is why there can be artistic overkill...

I need to remind BF to print out his boarding passes.

And 2 random thoughts: Regular cigarettes are the cigarettes of winter, and menthols are the cigarettes of summer. I just got my first pack of menthol lights in, like, FOREVER, but it's crappy outside. Damn!

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