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orbitz, orbitz, orbitz...
Wednesday, April 13, 2005

› by victoria

Orbitz, why did you have to call me at 4:45 AM this morning? It wasn't as though I was having enough trouble sleeping anyways, but no, you had to call with your automated robot voice reminding me of Biff's flight. (*thanks to Stu for the name Biff :). Argh. And I had already stayed up late working on my public relations case study on Toxic Shock Syndrome, and reading my philosophy book on whether the human soul ceases to exist at death, because i had drunk too much diet coke and was too nervy and jumpy to go to sleep, so when I finally did, I was woken up by the melodious sounds of your robot voice...

My stomach is full of butterflies, to use a common colloquialism...I am so excited over BifF coming home! It was great even talking to him on the phone yesterday: I can't wait to find out what his "big surprise that he couldn't tell me over the phone" is.

He did tell me all the astrological signs of the peoples he's been visiting in New Mexico. Which is interesting, taking into account that Biff is an Aquarius , his uncle Jimmy (*one of his favorite people in the whole world) is an Aries. This is weird, because both my mom and my younger sister are Aries and Biff didn't get along with either of them very well (well, we all got along with my younger sister until her anger problem reared its ugly head)...Maybe he's an Aries/Taurus mix or an Aries/Pisces mix. Anyways, Uncle Jimmy's fiancee Caroline is a Capricorn which I think is great because Robin, my best friend, is a Capricorn. I like Capricorns; they're smart, earthy, and have a very snappy sense of humor, plus they are great friends. Apparently Caroline wants to meet me very much. Everyone in Biff's family in New Mexico does, I guess, which makes me feel very welcome and happy!
And, for the grand finale of Astrological sign goodness: his Grandma (Dad's mom) is a Libra! Which means that Biff has almost as many Libras in his life as Happyrobot does. Luckily for him. :-D

Yesterday I also spent 2 hours of my 3 hour internship translating the artworks in Visual Poetry, the new art exhibit at the Haggerty, from Italian/French into English to demonstrate to a bunch of docents what they mean (the collages, that is). It was really fun, but exhausting...they all said that i read italian beautifully, which I in turn tributed to my mom making me read out loud from the Bible and my Bruce Coville books in Italian, "Un Alieno in Rm. A-B" (I was a Sixth Grade Alien--I have 6 of the books in italian, they're great fun).

In any case, wish me luck getting to the airport!
And here's hoping you all have a rockin' day.

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