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Thursday, April 14, 2005

› by victoria

picture-perfect reunion moment.

where was the camera crew? that is my question. robin and jill and i load up into jill's blue subaru car--the sun is shining, I am wearing a short denim skirt to show off my adorable new shoes even though it is chilly + windy outside, robin is blasting a "robinmix" Cd and we are all singing along loudly at 60 miles an hour speeding down I-94. We get to Mitchell airport. Jill asks me for a cigarette, but subtly, so that Robin can't see her getting one from me--I misinterpret her request about 4 times before finally understanding "OH! a cigarette, okay!" and in the meantime my butt is basically facing the rear window and it must've looked a sight with me rummaging in my purse looking for my pack. Hi-larious. Robin and i go in the airport: we look at the arrivals, and can't make heads or tails of whether the Continental Airlines flight from Houston came in, or not. We tag-team it: she looks upstairs, I look downstairs, at which point I see BifF walking in the wrong direction so I yell "------!" (which is his 6-letter long name) and everyone in the airport is all like "WHAT?" and I run over to him and he runs over to me and I am so excited to see him that my brain is discombobulated. i am babbling happy nonsense and we are hugging each other so tight. we all go back to jill's + robin's house together. BifF and I are looking at each other in the car ride the way there. I had forgotten how incredibly handsome he is. His hair coming from under his favorite FUBU hat looked longer, and straighter. I guess i looked pretty good too since he was looking at me and smiling so was just like I wanted to bury my face in his jacket and laugh and cry and make sure he was really, really there.

I learned a lot from the past week, but especially the fact that Biff is the sunshine of my life.

We go back to Robin's and talk with Jill about all kinds of things--these will be topics for future columns. some really interesting stuff here, like the story about somebody camping out in the desert where they had done a stupid atomic test to try to "blast up" the natural gas from under the ground, but it hadn't worked...and instead they saw a bunch of mutant animals, like giant chickens only bigger (eee!) and funny-looking with huge feet, and cows that acted all intelligent, and stuff like that. then we watched the rest of "KRULL" with Robin. shit, that movie was awful, but we lampooned it deservedly. and then, at 5:30ish, Jill dropped us off at home with all our baggage and things.

We got Biff's photo's developed. New Mexico is beautiful, and vast. His grandma has adorable cats named Tucker and Blingbling. Biff cannot escape his photographer heritage: he took one shot--with a disposable camera--that was so good, it looked professional. I wish I could scan these things and put 'em online. Hmm, I wonder how that would work.

Anyways, we both missed each other so much. Have mutually agreed that all trips, from now on, must be mutual. Watched most of "Jurassic Park III" last night but we were just talking over the whole film, basically. It was great. Had a jack & coke, I think I have a hangover this morning (*i haven't had a "drink-drink" in so long!). Lucky Biff gets to stay in bed and recover from the trip..and I got to come into work! but it's a beautiful day outside, and i feel all sunshine-y inside too. :-D

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