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Friday, April 15, 2005

› by victoria

i hog the blankets. i do the dishes. i listen to europop even though i know that it's the musical equivalent of cheap flip-flops, colorful and summery but not with a lot of substance. i'm a free food opportunist. i have gone for a week without washing my hair once on a camping trip. i've been in the sistine chapel three times. i've climbed Arthur's Seat. i kicked a bully down the stairs once when i was in first grade because he kicked me first, dammit. i used to eat ice cubes for dessert. i love shakespeare. i love old skool rap. i love anchovies on my pizza, even though some people have compared them to small salty eyebrows. i broke my toe and set it myself while in belgium. i used to sing to myself while i walked to school in fifth grade and sometimes i wish i still did. i wanted a real barbie car with a battery and a radio so much when i was a kid. i didn't want to believe that "sea monkeys" weren't really "sea monkeys" just brine shrimp in those comic book ads. i love the smell of freshly tumbler-dried laundry. i can recite all the "soixante publicitees" that i used to watch as a kid, over and over. i have worn the same frame of glasses for five years. i may be in college, but i feel that i've never outgrown the wisdom of bruce coville books. i like coffee and tea. i started smoking when i was eighteen because i was so depressed and now i find that it makes me more pensive than depressed. i still love miniatures. i had 2 pet lizards who were both suicidal crazy-sons-of-lizards. i had my right ear cartilage pierced in highschool and that didn't work out well at all. i actually like hostess fruit pies. i had to be rushed to the e.r. as a toddler because i almost choked to death on macaroni and string beans. i still eat too fast. i hate it when people act supercilious. i love british murder mysteries. i had a literary crush on encyclopedia brown when i was ten. i want to see the rainforest someday if there's any left. i wanted a pet snake and never got one. i have never been in a canoe that tipped over. i bake excellent pies. i like to sit out in sunny late afternoons in the summertime and read young adult novels.

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