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when are we touring the Whiskey distillery?
Friday, May 6, 2005

› by victoria

You might wish to know what occured yesterday on the final day of my internship. It went well, thank goodness. No, it went great. It feels good to exceed people's expectations of you. (grin) Yeah, I showed Lynne the re-designed gallery guide. She made me move a whole bunch of stuff around and change some of the fonts, but I was ready with my flexible Photoshop layers and my newly-discovered Photoshop was a beautiful thing. The new gallery guide looked great. We photocopied it. Lynne basically apologized and said I was a really good intern and I said thank you and it was an honor to work with you, Lynne. It provided a good sense of closure.

As I left Marquette's campus, I felt this wonderful expanding sense of joy. It couldn't have hurt that the sky was gloriously clear and it was sunny and actually-semi-warm. It was the kind of day where you can't help but smile, and add into that the sense of happy satisfaction that my internship was over and I did a good job after was lovely.

I went home (there were wanderings on the way home, of course, but they're not as interesting as other things) and made hot dogs for dinner. I can't abide eating hot dogs without buns, so of course there were buns, hot dogs, relish, ketchup and mustard. I made Biff eat 2 because he hadn't eaten all day. This is a typical thing with him. He goes without eating like some kind of amphibian buried in the sand. So I made him eat 2 lovely hot dogs, forgetting that he has been ill in the stomach like I was only a few days ago...I did not mean to inflict suffering upon him, but I unintentionally did. Poor Biff. While we watched "The OC"--which was particularly dramatic, featuring an attempted sexual assault, an attempted affair, a car crash, whipped cream in Cancun, an angry love-hate-triangle, an attempt to make a fraudulent marriage, divorce papers being signed, crack dealers, and alcoholism--Biff took the occasional straight shot of Pepto Bismol, straight outta the bottle.

I woke up exhausted this morning. I think it is the weather; cold, rainy, and very Scottish. I keep on feeling like we should be touring a Whiskey distillery. I toured one when I was in Scotland a few years ago. They gave out lots of free samples but I didn't really like anything. I actually hated alcohol until I discovered Smirnoff Ice...but that's a long story. Anyways, my younger sister talked me into buying her a fairly large bottle of Heather Cream Whiskey at the Distillery as her "Christmas-Birthday Present"--ha ha... from what I remember, she kept it in her bedroom and took a shot from it every now and then. I had to pretend I was 21+ when I was buying it, so I can't imagine how silly I must've looked if this was back in--geez--2001? 2002? No, I think it was 2000. How time flies! We went to see Loch Ness too, and it was so cold. (wait, that could be misintepreted as me jumping in the water and finding out it was cold: the overall temperature was cold). The water was blackblackblack: if Nessie's in there, no wonder people can't finder her. I got tons of little tchochkes from Loch Ness: my favorites are the little ceramic loch ness monsters. I wish I still had mine! And I love Edinburgh taxi cabs, and the whole city of Edinburgh (except for the ghetto, where my dad accidentally brought us in his quest for the statue of "Grayfriars Brobby" or whatever that silly little dog was that went to his master's grave for 18 years after the master died)...the national museum of scotland is the best museum I have ever been to, and I have been to a lot of museums. Sir Walter Scott's home is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. I love the scones, the oatcakes, and the fish and chips.

The funniest thing that ever happened in scotland was when we were at the best fish n' chips pub in Edinburgh (whose name i will keep secret): my younger sister and I went to the bathroom and there was only one stall so while she was waiting for me, she noticed this condom dispenser on the wall that dispensed whiskey-flavoured condoms. Plaid whiskey-flavoured condoms. She was all like "OHmigosh I want one!" and kept on begging me for 50 pence to go in the machine but i was all like "Hells, NO!" since she had already bummed 1 or 2 pounds off me. And then this random blond lady came in the bathroom and gave my younger sister 50 pence so she could get the "McTavish" condoms or whatever they were called. It was hilarious.

I did not love gaining weight simply from breathing in the rich scottish air. arrr!

Today is a very scottish day.

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