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the unique sense of the quirky
Saturday, May 7, 2005

› by victoria

i am so excited. i can feel the unique sense of the quirky inside my brain being uncorked and having little rivulets of randomness just bounce around in there. it's great. I've already requested tons of good books for when exams are over, so i can just chew them up at work. i love the summer. I go through so many books--and book recommendations are always appreciated, in case you've read anything mindblowingly good and want to share--that I go through 3-4 every day. If we're talking thick books, like "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius which I loved, then it's more like .5 books per day. Or if we're talking the completely fucking awesome (thanks to cootie girl)totally dystopian masterpiece This Time of Darkness, then it's more like 4-5 books per day. It varies. I would highly recommend both these books. They are brilliant. H.M. Hoover's dystopian vision aged quite brilliantly, I think--I would really like to recommend it. If i can get one of you to read it, I know you'll agree with me.

BUT ANYWAYS...I wrote my 10 page paper on "Orinooko" by Aphra Behn yesterday. I finished my 9 page internship reflection paper. I wrote my (extremely shitty) first resume, to accompany the internship reflection paper. And today I want to get my english final exam essay questions written, in which case I will be so set with the writing ahead of time.

Leaving me only trying to desperately cram knowledge into my wandering mind.

I was thinking about it, and I will miss Katie very much when she moves away to her new rural place of abiding this summer. I know she craves the country, and I want her to be happy, but it's so nice knowing that you have a friend who cares about you and lives nearby, like, really nearby, and whom you can bump into when you walk down the street. It's a pleasant thought, and Katie, before you go, we have to go to Anodyne coffee at least a few more times and get some cups of coffee and monkey bars and sit and just have a wonderful chat. Maybe even take a photo with my polaroid camera so I can remember exactly how it is to hang out with you.

I also remembered some wonderful quotes that I wanted to share:

"Don't let your mouth write checks your body can't cash." ---Jill

"I'm on Team...FUCK!" --me, playing cards, upon realizing that I had spilled a can of Mountain Dew on the floor

"You can do zhat, but you cannot do ZHAT...but you can do ZHAT." --Biff, being silly in a silly accent

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