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finding a new way to pass the time
Sunday, May 8, 2005

› by victoria

avast thar, me hearties. Last night i had a dream that I was a member of a really rowdy pirate club/gang-thing. I remember dreaming that I was drinking some kind of violet-orange iridescent alcoholic concoction, and then when I went to throw the drink's glass away, there were lovebirds nesting in the garbage can. And we were sailing on a big wooden pirate ship, which was moored in the tropical harbor along with tons of other wooden ships because, surprise surprise, we were only one of many pirate crews. It was surreal.

Outside it is hot and sunny. It is beyond bizarre to realize that you *want* to take your shirt off because you are sweating. I am used to freezing, freezing, freezing.

I tried to study for my Philosophy test last night, but I was so tired/full of pizza that I just conked out. Memo to self: I need to study tonight. Please wish me luck on my exams, everyone. The karmic good vibes really do help. I just finished doing my advertising final assignment ads (*I hope you like them, Linda, in case you are reading this!). The bookstore is not open, so I will not have spending money until I can sell my books back, and i am completely and totally hoping-hoping-hoping that the bookstore will buy them. Because until they do, I am screwed! with printing costs.

I wish that I could share online video links with Happyrobot. Then I could include Biff's impression of Agador Spartacus in "The Birdcage" singing "She works Hard for the Money"'s priceless. Or his facial expression after I did the dishes this morning and broke a glass by mistake (sssh, he doesn't know that yet, all he knows is that i was excessively loud in doing the dishes). Or hear the delightful commentary we make for the TV show Thomas the Tank Engine...the theme song of that TV show is just asking to be joked about.

Here's wishing everyone a Happy Mother's Day! I sent my mom several "happy mother's day" ecards.

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