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there's something to be said for being adorable
Monday, May 9, 2005

› by victoria

Adorableness is a quality that is impossible to quantify. To put into words. You know when something has it. And when something doesn't. Let's compare some things to try to determine adorableness.

Languages: Italian is adorable. German is not (sorry, all Deutsch speakers, but it's true)

Flash is an adorable computer program. InDesign is not.

Petit Fours are adorable. Lumpy cookies are not. (*perfectly decorated cupcakes and cookies also qualify as adorable)

Perfectly tailored sweaters are adorable. Sweatshirts with fabric paint on them are not.

Argyle is adorable. Vertical stripes are not.

Smiles are adorable. Glares are not.

Coffeeshops are adorable. Expensive restaurants are not.

I think adorableness is a quality of comfortableness. You feel comfortable around something, and that makes you love it all the more. It doesn't even really make sense to say that you "like" something, because liking is all too distant. I may be too emotional, but it's important to express emotions while you can 'cuz life's too short.

That stuff about adorableness being said, Biff learning how to speak italian has to be the most goddamn adorable thing in the fucking world.

I just took my philosophy final exam, and it was incredibly-difficult. It was "Maze of Crete" difficult. It was out of proportion in its difficulty, compared to the other exams this past semester. I mean, seriously, giving out a review sheet with 34 different questions that are so complex that I stayed up until 2 AM in the morning looking up the answers by re-reading the various books like "Man, Mind and Machine"...then--I kid you not--there was only, maybe, .04% of the review question material on the exam. The rest of the questions seemed to be based on pure conjecture. It was ridiculous! C'est Ridicule! I'm not saying that the professor isn't good at teaching, but the exam was just plain silly. At least he should've made it about what he told us it would be about. Geez..

I hope I did okay.

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