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3 (ex)hams will kill him!
Tuesday, May 10, 2005

› by victoria

(This title comes from an episode of The Brak Show where Thundercleese lets Brak babysit his goldfish while he goes on Vacation. Thundercleese warns Brak NOT to feed his goldfish 3 hams--singing the catchy song "Three hams will kill him, Three hams will kill him... THREE HAMS!". After which Brak goes ahead and feeds the goldfish 3 ham omellettes, killing him. It's a great episode).

But seriously, I have 2 exams tomorrow and I really really really really really really don't want to study. ARGH! I have Public Relations exam at 8 AM, and Small Group Communications (AKA "Flunk me, Please!") at like, 1-3 PM. Shit. Shit Shit Shit.

Plus my dad just stopped by to invite me out to dinner tomorrow night at like 8 PM at the Apollo cafe. With my younger sister, and her new (uber-obnoxious) husband and the previously-distant-but-now-suddenly-wanting-to-be-part-of-our-family Cousin Chase. It's so weird that she's coming to visit from Madison! Anyways, my dad stopped by to invite me. I'm not sure whether to go. If you want to pitch me your 2 cents, I'm open to your opinions/guidance.

And please, please wish me luck on my exams tomorrow, because I frankly feel as though my brain is on planet Zog and doesn't want to come back.

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