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just got done with 1st exam! now on to #2...
Wednesday, May 11, 2005

› by victoria

I just finished the first exam, for Public Relations. First off, I'm glad I studied as much as I did. It's actually really kinda touching, because last night--I kid you not--Biff and I got home from school/work at 9, and by the time we finished making/eating dinner, it was like 10 PM. And I asked Biff if he could please help me go over my notecards, but he said "no, I'm too tired, good night" and he went over to go to bed. And I could hear him snuffling/crying softly in the other room, so I went over to check on him, and I asked him what was wrong. And he said "I feel really bad for distracting you so much and not being able to help you study because I'm so tired, and my brain just can't keep up with yours, you jump from topic to topic and I can only focus on one." And I don't know, it was just really touching the way he felt bad about "distracting" me by talking about his website project, and it wasn't even his fault that I had to work a long time last night, and I even got to study a bit while I was at work. And I reassured him that it was okay, that he doesn't distract me, and he shouldn't be sad about anything at all.

I'm probably not doing a good job of describing this. But it was definitely "tug at the emotional heartstrings!" time.

Anyways, I stayed up until 2 AM studying so I could kick the a$$ of that public relations test for Biff (*my brain has long since given up on me...but I can occasionally kick-start it like a reluctant lawn mower if I persuade it that I'm not studying for my sake, but for someone else's).

Woke up at 6, studied some more, commuted in for an 8 AM final.

Now I have to study for my 1 PM Small Group Communications exam! I really appreciate any/all the positive vibes you are sending my way. They help. :)

Oooh, and since I'm helping Biff to learn italian, here are some handy phrases that you might need to use someday, or that can, at the very least, intimidate/impress people. They include the approximate spelling, plus the phonetic pronunciation, plus translation:

Scusi, Dov'e il bagno? (Scoo-zi, Doh-vay eh ill bahn-yo?) "Excuse me, where is the bathroom?"

La musica e troppo alta (La moo-zica eh trrroppo ahl-tah) "The music is too loud."

Dai! (Die!) "Stop it!" or "What the heck?". So if you hear somebody saying what sounds like "Die, Maria!" it really means "Hey, Stop it, Maria!"

Quanto Costa? (Quan-toh Koss-ta?) "How much is it?"

Costa troppo. (Koss-ta trrroppo). "It costs too much."

Ho mal di stomacho. (Oh mahl dee sto-macch-oh). "My stomach hurts."

Scusi, posso avere un po di giaccio, per favore? (Scoozi, poh-sso ah-ver-ray oohn poh dee ghee-ah-chio, pear fah-vor-ray?) "Excuse me, could I please have some ice, please?"

Un altro bottiglia di vino rosso/bianco. (Oohn all-trrro boh-till-lia dee veeno RO-sso/Bee-ahn-co). "Another bottle of red wine/white wine!"

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