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rockin' with the monsta
Tuesday, May 17, 2005

› by victoria

Monster Energy Drinks are fantastic. Maybe I've become used to being vitamin-deprived, but their potent mix of strawberry-citrus flavor, "energy blend" and tons of B vitamins is making me feel like a bazillion bucks. ROCK!

I got my grades yesterday. Four A's, one A/B, and 2 full credits for my internship! w00t! I can't believe I actually did it. My GPA is higher this semester, I think, than it has ever been before, and this is in the face of considerable difficulties and hurdles--like being poor, working as much as I can, being stressed out, dramas, sickness, etc.

Tonight is the night we go to Jill's house and see what we will do. I'm feeling way more mellowed out about the whole situation...the way I see it, if he even deigns to pay us $250 apiece more, that makes it a more square deal. It's still slave labor, but it's less wretched and the extra money will mean that we're enabled to not starve/and pay the rent over the summer. So I hope we make the right choices.

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