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the firemen came over and it got even more "chaotic"
Wednesday, May 18, 2005

› by victoria

Will the hilarity never cease? Seriously. Biff and I went over to Robin/Jill's house straight after work yesterday. It was awesome. We were both ravenously starving (not eating will do that to you) and Jill immediately plopped us down with some popcorn and soda and Robin was cracking some awesome jokes at SHREK 2. Hi-larious. The movie finishes at 8 and I was all like "Oh, that new TV show with Kevin and Britney is on Channel 24" so we decided to watch it while Robin put a frozen pizza in the oven. The show was incredibly awful. The nadir of reality television, I might even dare to say?

But while we were watching this dreck, the pizza was making a weird smell in the kitchen. It smelled like a gas leak or burning plastic like when you throw little army men in the bar-b-que (not that I ever did that, heh heh)...Jill calls the fire dept. telling them we might have a minor gas leak. 2 minutes later, we see flashing lights like the LOVE PARADE outside and 3 or 4 huge, male-model-ish firemen show up with their gear and are tromping around in the kitchen. It was SO surreal. Really weird.

Firemen aren't really my "type"--I prefer the whole etherial, sophisticated, slim, facial-features-so-perfect-that-i-look-like-a-drawing type, aka Biff--but it was HILARIOUS what Robin said following our encounter with the firemen (and by the way, there was no gas leak or danger--the frozen pizza still had its cardboard insert under it, and that's what was smelling so funky. Apparently it happens to everybody, even firemen, once in a while...)

Anyways, here's Robin's quote: "If Biff weren't here, we could always call in a fake fire alarm and get the hunky firemen over here and have ourselves a little bachelorette party."
Jill: "They were ALL good-looking. I felt like waving my hands in the air and yelling 'I'm unmarried!' just to make them stay longer."
Robin: "You know, we'll have a few drinks out, invite them to make themselves at home..."
Jill: "Victoria's the one who should pop out of the cake, since she's the one who'd look best in a bikini right now."
Me: laughing hysterically the whole time

Seriously raunchy fun. It got even better later that night when we were sitting around the basement discussing the most raunchy, disturbing stories we had ever heard (*this discussion was actually precipitated by the fact that Adam, Robin's younger brother, goes to the sleaziest middle school in the history of humanity. Of course, Robin and I attended that middle school as well, but when we were there it wasn't quite so bad...apparently the middle schoolers there now are just, well...the best comparison would be to say that they make Christina Aguilera look like Mother Theresa). There were some pret-ty awful ones, too, involving things like doorknobs, manequin hands, pizza crusts, and bad driving. We were laughing so hard at this point that I wouldn't have been surprised if the police (as well as the fire dept) had shown up. Thanks for the awesome time, Robin + Jill.

We went home at 2 AM and were very, very happy. It was brilliant. Biff is probably still sleeping it off...I'm at work. Got to see my dad, get my books, eat lunch, it was nice.

Isabelle, I really enjoyed seeing you at Roast Inc. on sunday! It was a fantastic surprise and I've really missed you. We will most definitely hang out sometime--I just have to clean the apartment first!

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