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hola, mi amigo pedro!
Tuesday, May 24, 2005

› by victoria

today I had a rare 2 hours of absolutely nothing to do. It was brilliant. A sunny, gorgeous day in Wisconsin is impeccably rare, and to get to sit out in the sun and merely absorb the sun's rays while reading random books was glorious. Biff came outside and joined me and we had a mini-picnic on the grass. And then Pedro (my friend from English class last semester) came and joined us! He'd never met Biff before, so I introduced them, and I think it all went splendidly. Many amusing stories were told. I had completely forgotten that Pedro was from Chicago, so that was mega-cool to talk about all the fun things to do there, and we talked about working, and summer school, and random amusing stories, and mcdonald's, and eating (or not eating) seafood in the midwest. Oh, and bicycle locks, Bill Murray movies, and how to eat for cheap.

Oh, and I am operating on 5.5 hours of sleep! Due to us going over to Robin's and Jill's house yesterday and I helped tidy up Robin's room a bit because we were searching for her missing pain patches (they're like clear bits of celophane that you stick on your arm to relieve pain). Ironically, after I had done quite a bit of sorting and vacuuming, it was Biff who found the pain patches! But I was just glad that somebody had found them, so Robin could feel better. :) We watched the first episode of "I, Claudius" which is just absolutely brilliant--I have a very short attention span, so I wish we could just skip ahead to Episode 9 when Caligula loses it completely, declares himself a god, wages war against Neptune, does the "Dance of the Golden Dawn" attired in a spangly bikini, etc.etc.--and had popcorn. Then we stayed up so late talking to Jill that we ended up just sleeping over in the extra bed...woke up at 7:45 in the morning with the alarm clock buzzing. Biff hates alarm clocks. "Die! Die! Die!" he muttered and tried to knock it off the bedstand. It was comedy gold.

After watching "I, Claudius" with an astrological turn of mind, I have determined that
Augustus Caesar was a libra. I mean, the guy's endless optomism and buoyant belief that everything would be okay and that his majorly dysfunctional family was an ideal Roman family all points to the scales. Now Livia, she's a Saggitarius turned to evil, not good. She's so cunning and brilliant and ruthless that she charts out exactly what she has to do decades ahead of time. Tiberius is a Virgo, I think. Julia is totally an Aries...Claudius, I would say, is a Capricorn. His punctilious attention to detail in writing out his memoirs is totally Capricornish...

And now I am at work until 10 PM. Whew! What a great day, and it's less than halfway through.

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