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novocaine generosity
Thursday, May 26, 2005

› by victoria

So yesterday I went to the dentist for the first time in a year. I knew there was something wrong with the upper left back teeth, because they hurt like hell anytime I ate chewy/sugary food (*which i avoided) dentist found that not only was there a new cavity, but the filling she had done previously in the tooth right next to the other tooth had fallen out and so that needed to be replaced as well. She stuck a syringe full of novocaine or some other kind of aenesthetic deep into my gum, and then stuck another syringe-full in there to get me really numbed up. In fact, my gum was so full of aenesthetic that the syringe started to push novocaine all over the back of my tasted and felt inscrutably disgusting. Like drinking a foul whiskey that had been made from something totally innapropriate to make whiskey with, such as dandelions or perhaps grass. Eeeeecchh. I ended up falling asleep in the dentist's chair--when she wasn't using the migraine-inducing drill of death--and my mouth was numb for about 6 hours afterwards. I felt lahk Ah wash shluurrriing my worrsd.

Then my dad gave me a ride to pick up the food that my friend/co-worker Beth was giving away since she is moving back to Minneapolis today (because she graduated with her Master's Degree in Philosophy, Congrats Beth!). It was incredible--thanks to Beth, I won't have to worry about food at least until fall. The cornucopeia of generosity was overflowing with abundance. I was stunned and overwhelmed, and I feel so blessed for all the wonderfulness that I was showered with yesterday...I sent her a "thank you" ecard, but I want to make her a personalized ecard with a painting on it.

Lots of other things happened over the past 2 days--I slogged my way through a very painful migraine headache all of yesterday, and I can feel faint twinges of it on the left side of my head, which I am hoping don't develop into a full fledged headache--but it's been gorgeous. I feel extremely blessed, and grateful to Beth and my Dad (*he even gave me the old Imac!) and the weather outside, which has been unbelievably nice.

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