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Thursday, June 2, 2005

› by victoria

Okay, the weird surreal things that have happened to me over the last 24 hours:

My marketing 140 class let out 10 minutes early because there was a fire alarm, a real fire alarm. Only we all thought it was a fake fire alarm, and because the teacher is so jocular and funny, I thought he was joking the first couple of times that he said "Oh, there must be a fire in the building." Incredibly surreal. We all shuffled out of that classroom as fast as we could, and as soon as we got outside, everyone scattered like a drop of liquid nitrogen dropped on the floor. Unlike an elementary/middle school/highschool fire alarm, in which you are expected--nay, required--to stand in a line and not run away to go check your email.

The area in California where Biff is from had a major landslide, I saw it on the news this morning. I should email his mom and check what's going on. Hopefully their house didn't end up in the landslide. Eeep!

Biff hurt his back trying to lift a heavy box full of wires. I had no idea he had so many back injuries: from playing soccer, from working at FedEx back in the day, etc. etc. He's like a walking Orlando Bloom whose body was magically pieced together by the wonders of modern science. I tried to put Tiger Balm on it last night, but I just couldn't rub it in correctly. At least the Tylenol PM got him a good night's sleep.

My younger sister called me out of the blue last night on my cell phone, offering me a kitten. I never would've thought that i would be able to turn the offer of a free kitten down, but somehow Biff persuaded me not to accept. I feel like shit for being so terse with her on the phone, though.

An old, and presumably forgotten acquaintance of mine from highschool just asked to be put on my friends list on the facebook . It's incredibly bizarre, apparently they saw me walking on Brady St. and they recognized me...I didn't recognize them, because A.)I probably didn't see them, being absorbed in my little protective bubble of ignorance, and B.) they shaved their head.

Quite honestly, the most surreal thing so far is the exodus, en masse, of people I recognize from highschool over to the East Side. Seeing Adam Weiner and then Ed Booth crossing my path on Farwell--in succession--was absolutely Dali. Or something. And they both knew who I was. I wonder if highschool will follow me throughout my life. In a couple of areas, I think that's a good thing--when you have great friends like Robin, or Isabelle, for example, you want to hang onto them throughout your life no matter what. In a couple of other areas--namely, the awfulness of considering yourself unattractive and un-dateable and supremely unwanted in gym class--you couldn't pay me enough to drag that bag with me.

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