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trying to add some photo goodness
Saturday, June 4, 2005

› by victoria

okay, this post has a big chance of not going successfully...but, that said, I found out yesterday that there was much curiosity to find out what I look like. And Biff too. So I am going to try to upload some photos here, for you all to enjoy.

This should be a picture of me, smiling and wearing my favorite grey velour sweatshirt.

Biff took it when we went on a cart trip to the Racine zoo. It's pretty old, I'd say last summer, but I look about 98% the same, I think.

This one should be a photo of Biff. This is the oldest photo of him that I had--until his Aunt Pat sent us one of his baby photographs, and holy shit,was he the cutest baby in the universe. I love the way his eyes seem to just follow you around, kind've like some kind of Egyptian mural.

Hope you guys like them. I also hope they show up.

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