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sseeeeuuhh keeeuuuhl!
Monday, June 6, 2005

› by victoria

(that's our phonetic spelling for the phrase "So Cool" as Biff and I pronounce it, with our faces all screwed up and speaking kind've through our noses)...

That said, I really wish I had today as a day off of everything--i.e. work and class. I woke up this morning with my stomach screwed up in a knot. I don't know if I got sunburned from being outside yesterday (it was like 90 degrees plus, and I spent enough time out in the sun to get hot skin), or if it was the bizarre combinations of foods that i put in my stomach yesterday (chocolate pudding, 2 Boca burgers sans bun, an apple, 2 pieces of Pizza Hut pizza) or whatever but I woke up and was all like "Urgghhn." I took 2 pepto-bismol tablets that tasted like the inside of a suitcase--don't you hate that when that happens to pills? when they absorb fragrances/perfume? it tastes so nasty--and hopefully my stomach will recover soon.

2nd reason I wish I could stay home is that Biff's back injury is pretty bad and I wish I could help him out. Jill hooked us up with some pain relief otc stuff, so I hope that helps his back pain.

He (Biff) shaved off his mustache/goatee/under-the-lower-lip-thing yesterday, and whenever he does that it looks just like back when we first met. It makes my heart melt like an ice cream cake every time I see him, because his eyes look twice as big. Awww... :)

Finally, I have a marketing exam tomorrow and I haven't been able to download the "study questions." But that's okay...the big thing is that

"Thomas" emailed me this morning about the whole website project and his email is so uber-confusing that I just really don't want to do the project, I just have to think of how to phrase it in a polite, professional way. I just really don't want to do it. I wish he was enjoying a vacation in Belgium all's taken me 3 weeks to reach a modicum of relaxation, and I don't want to lose it now! Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Happy Monday! :)

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