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now that i can think...
Saturday, June 11, 2005

› by victoria

it's very quiet down here in the basement. my coworker carolyn just left, and i am working until 5 pm all by myself. there are several things on my mind: I should wash my hair, i should have brought more than a piece of beef jerky and an apple for my lunch, i feel bad for being such a pushy bitch (p.b.) in so many ways. well, i mean, really it was my mother who called me that, a "p.b." because I always got what i wanted. which makes it eerie when Biff says that "I get what i want" as well. although I won't hold him half responsible because his back has been doing poorly.

i wonder why i'm so obsessed with dystopian fiction, and have been, for as long as i can remember. it's the same fascination that some people feel with heights or looking down into fearsome chasms: you're terrified, but you're also pulled in to look more. From The Girl who owned a City to Smart Rats to Feed , they all exert a powerful pull on the imagination. There's one that I can't remember the title or author of right now, but the cover design featured a boy pedaling a strange bicycle-ship-thing that transported him out of the cities, which had turned into a total mess after the oil ran out... (*I do remember that the story took place in a suburb of Minneapolis). this subject has been on my mind since i've been reading about how we've hit the peak oil production point. which is a fairly scary and dystopian thing.

on a very different note...well, it's difficult to move on to a different note. that is a very depressing topic...

well, at least i'm reading an excellent book right now, The Ghost Stories of M.R. James. I feel that he wrote the best creepy stories ever!! They are brilliant, suspenseful and not in the least bit contrived or cheesy.

Anyways, i hope everyone enjoys their weekend. I will try to shove depressing-ness in the back of my mind and move on to happier things. the weather outside is hot and gorgeous, and i can't wait to take a quick shower when i come home from work and before i visit Robin...w00t!

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