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she always speaks in a deep voice...
Monday, June 13, 2005

› by victoria

"...when she comes out of the shower." --a quote from That Darn Cat the 1965 movie version...which I absolutely loved to watch while I was growing up.

Anyways, I am positively exhausted and sleep deprived. When I am this tired, I feel terrified that someone will coerce me into something and I won't be able to say "No" simply because my will is too weak. The Force is not strong in me when I'm operating on 4 hours of sleep... you might ask "why are you so sleep-deprived anyways?"

Well, It's a bit of a story and I feel very guilty about dragging poor Biff through it as well.

Basically, last night we left too late from Robin/Jill's house (at 12:14-ish, I believe) and the #15 busses (is that how you spell it? too tired!) had stopped running by then. Or at least the #15 busses going in the direction that I wanted to go in. AARGH! So we had to walk all the way home and got there at about 1:30 in the morning. It's a long walk...I felt so bad, I kept on apologizing to Biff for getting us in that situation, and he just kept on saying "Sorry won't get us home." Which made me feel even worse... I don't know how to make it up to him, but I suspect that implementing my new rule will ameliorate the sheer-pain-in-the-ass-of-walking-home-at-1-AM.

New rule: if you are not planning on staying over at Jill/Robin's house, make sure to leave by ten p.m. otherwise you will be stranded waiting for the goddamn bus.

Remind me not to forget that.
Other than that blemish, we had a good time this weekend. We got some fantastic news--the pain-implant-blocker will be covered by Robin's insurance! So now she can get something done that will hopefully--hopehopehopefully--do something to really stop the pain so she can function. That would be great!
We watched a lot of movies--Team America, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, final episodes of Evangelion (and that one was REALLY, really weird! in a thought-provoking way),some I, CLAUDIUS...and I think that's it. Robin went along with Biff and I to procure provisions since Jill can't go shopping until her foot heals up...we got a helluva lot of food. a LOT. and soda too. We pissed off the people in the grocery store who deserved it. The Nipper (*who is a kitty, in case i have not mentioned this before) was working on her adorableness.

Ouch, now my neck hurts too. I hate it when I feel like i'm operating under my capacity.

(*Now I understand why Biff gets cranky when he doesn't get enough sleeep! Gaaah!)

Anyways, please wish me luck functioning. I don't think there are enough energy drinks in the world to get me through until 8 pm tonight, but I hope so...
I would love to run an energy-drink company. You could name it something like "Zeus" or "Panic," and go all-out designing the can. They used to create an energy drink called "Grenade" that came in a grenade-shaped bottle. you had to pull the pin to drink it...

Plus I need a shower. Badly. I feel so scruffy looking.

An ideal combination: grungy and exhausted. Hooray!
I'm still smiling, though.

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