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Alexander's--oops, Victoria's--no good, very bad day
Tuesday, July 5, 2005

› by victoria

Alexander had only been awake for 4 hours, but already it had been one of the worst days ever.

He woke up his friend Biff too early, so his friend kept on giving him dirty looks and being cranky.

Alexander had to find 2 books that were missing so he could mail them all the way back to California! But he couldn't find them anywhere. Were they hiding under the chair? No. Under the pile of clothes? No. Under the pile of books? Yes! Alexander found them, and gave them to Biff.

They were going to go to mail them at the post office. They had even picked out a box! But then Biff said "Alexander, there needs to be a check in the box." And Alexander had forgotten his checkbook! So there would be no book-mailing today, and that was bad, because they needed the papers that returning the books would give them.

Biff was a very cranky panda bear. Alexander was upset and sad. He had forgotten his checkbook! His hair was messy! And it was hot outside, and he was wearing shoes that went "flip-flop" as he walked which made the walk seem twice as long.

Alexander wanted to throw a coffee-party on the way in to school. He wanted to get Biff some coffee, and him some coffee, so they could both be more awake, because today was Alexander's first day of math class, and he was nervous (although it was a big secret). So he said "Let's go to Starbucks!" but Biff said "No!"

"No. !"

So Alexander was very upset. He didn't want to be left on the street corner while Biff walked away from him, so he said "Come Back!!" and Biff said "Not unless you promise to not go to starbucks."

And Alexander was just trying to be nice!

His head hurt, and his feet hurt, and he wanted to lie down in a quiet room and cry, but he couldn't, because he had to go to work.

So Biff was angry, and Alexander was sad and angry and frustrated, and there were many busy, busy people who were driving by and walking by on their way to work, who gave them dirty looks as they walked to school. It was dirty, and dusty, and loud.

They did not get to stop and have a tea party on a lovely summer afternoon.

Or a nap in a hammock.

Or a treasure hunt, with a hidden treasure at the end filled with lollipops and candy.

They didn't have a treehouse, or a hidden fort, or a cave to explore.

When Alexander went to work, he was drinking an orange soda, and the orange soda spilled all over the keyboard as he went to start typing. This was just too much for Alexander, and he wanted to take a nap for-ever.

Alexander's class starts soon. Alexander is scared. Statistics is a big word!

Will Alexander's no good, very bad day get better?

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