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a big day
Wednesday, July 6, 2005

› by victoria

today is a big day. not only am i getting a lot of dental work done on the left side of my mouth (huzzah...well, not really, i am exceedingly grateful to get the cavies filled, but at the same time, it's not a very fun thing), but Biff has an interview with an admissions counselor for a very important local college today, and I am hoping & praying that everything goes REALLY well and that he can get accepted and work out the details of getting student loans and everything.

That would really be a divine gift right now.

So the tension and stress has built up to this point, and basically I can only hope that at 1 PM the lightning strikes positively! So please, if you can spare some positive vibes to send my/Biff's way, they would be SO so mecha-super-appreciated.

The chance for Biff to go back to school would be a real gift: if he got student loans (which my parents won't let me get, not ever, and i've investigated other ways of getting them but those other ways sadly fell over on their side, helpless), I wouldn't have to work 90% of the time. We could get lots of food all the time! The possibilities would be endless. It would be lovely.

So thank you, and may you all have a wonderful day where something unexpected and splendid and great happens.

(my thoughts on things like the G8 conference tomorrow ;)

Oh, and Eve: i am almost always walking around singing a snippet of that "America; Fuck Yeah!" song...or the "Freedom Costs a Buck o' Five"...or the "Montage" song. Muchas Grazias to Robin for introducing me to the musical joys of "Team America"!

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