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the kitchen floor...
Friday, July 8, 2005

› by victoria

...was absolutely disgusting until i got around to cleaning it this morning with 20 or so Lysol wipes attached to a swiffer broom (fact: lysol wipes are cheap! and they disinfect!). The grime magically disappeared. Mr. Clean's Magic Sponges--a gift from Jill--were also incredibly handy. Although it is sad, because when you first open the box, the Mr. Clean sponge is miraculously pristine, like a block of pure alpine snow. And then, as you use it to clean the coffee maker and the stove, it begins to gather a patina of grunge, until, by the time you are done, the sponge looks like a lumpy snowball rolled around in a coal mine. The garbage was taken out, as were the recyclable containers.

Perhaps I am doing all this cleaning to atone for the fact that I am dragging my feet on doing my summer school homework. (*i will get around to it, though)

Last night I watched "Beauty and the Geek" while drinking a delightful variation on a Pink Greyhound (or at least, I think that is what the drink is called...this one was ruby grapefruit juice, Sprite, with Smirnoff Lemon Twist--delightful!). The show was madly vaccillating between heartfelt reaching-out among social castes, contrasted with silly antics. It was fun, I guess, but with Ashton Kutcher as an executive producer, I wasn't holding out much hope for high fare.

It was nice to go to bed early, though... and I even got Biff to call his Grandma in New Mexico. She's about to have back surgery so I was glad that he got to encourage her...

While cleaning, I found this cookbook called "A Man, A Can, A Plan" all about how to cook with foods (almost) entirely derived from cans. Quite tasty-looking, simple, and hearty fare.

And speaking of hearty fare, here's a hilarious parody of the Midwest for all you happyroboters who live on the coasts...

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