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10 things i have learned or have been thinking about today
Saturday, July 9, 2005

› by victoria

10.) Iodine hurts like hell when you use it to disinfect open wounds. I had forgotten this, since I haven't really had a lot of cuts/scrapes like I did when I was a klutzy kid, but it really does sting something fierce.

9.) The photographs from my grandfather's funeral really made me cry. It was like looking at stills from a movie, a very sad italian movie.

8.) Other people's apartments are every bit as messy, and possibly even more messy, than ours. Fact: someone in the neighbouring apartment left their door open (!?) so that you could see inside, and they were even worse slobs than Biff and I at our worst (and we don't even have a chest of drawers to store the clothes in!)

7.) Squirrels are really cute. I fed one a piece of my peanut butter sandwich before i went into work.

6.) I think the people who invented those online MMORPG's or Role-playing games should be ashamed of themselves. This article is entirely about "videogame sweatshops" which seem like such a ridiculous concept, because the people who work in these things for 56 cents an hour in 12 hour shifts are "farming" hypothetical constructs of online wealth that they then sell to richer players who want instant loot for their characters. Absolutely infuriating.

5.) I got 12 hours of sleep last night. It was absolutely fantastic, to sleep from 8 PM until 8 AM. Cell phone battery FULLY CHARGED--beep!

4.) Dan wants to come back into the picture: apparently, he has been pursuing Robin like a fox hunter bellowing "Halloooooooooo!" and leading the chase. She permitted him to visit her in her residence yesterday. For sooth, methinks Robin is too cool for him; although he is a man of property, he cannot contrive to own the other talents or gifts that a gentleman of quality should possess. Canst he play the clavichord or the pianoforte with panache and style, one mighst inquire? Or, barring this skill, Is he able to play the game of charades, to laugh and make merriment and sport with the company to the general amusement of all? Is he a conversationalist of the highest caliber and well-informed on the events in the great cities such as London, without coming across as a pedantic fop? Methinks the answer to all of these queries is nay.

But whatever. :)

3.) I will start working on my statistics homework soon, I promise. I mean, I *do* have to finish it today.

2.) Just finished reading Morgan Spurlock's Don't Eat This Book: Fast Food and the Supersizing of America. Very fun to read, especially since he writes like how he talks, and doesn't hinder his language but instead gauges it to produce the best effect. My favorite quote from it:

"Apparently, though, weird diet plans have been around for at least a thousand years. They sad that by 1087, England's William the Conqueror had gotten so fat he couldn't ride his horse--guess his conquering didn't include his appetite. So he went on the first recorded liquid diet in history: He stayed in bed and drank liquor instead of eating, thinking he'd lose weight that way..."

Amusing, and educational, and occaisionally shocking, book. Very similar to the movie, though, but I loved the movie so I enjoyed the book too.

1.) 5 hours at work left! w00t!

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