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That's what it's all about
Monday, July 11, 2005

› by victoria

"There's nothing like a day out on the beach
When all it does is rain
You need somebody to make the sun come out again.
When you find that special someone you never expected to
It'll make you believe in magic
It could change your life for you.

Talkin' about friends
Knockin' at your door.
That's what friends are for
Friends if you're young or old

Talkin' about friends
That's what it's all about.
Can't live without
Friends who won't let you down
Friends ....

--"Friends" from Sigmund & the Sea Monsters as featured on This kickin' album

I am just so overwhelmed by the amazingness and strength that Robin has. Not only is she my best-est friend in the whole world, and not only have we been friends now for 8+ years, but she keeps on getting better and better every year. Last night, when Biff and me were hanging out with Robin, I came to the realization (because my brain, sadly, is working at ancient-ski-lift speed) that the people I care about are way more important than work, or school. Those are important too, but I've got to keep everything in perspective, because the ability to spend time with those I care about is far more precious. (Yes, I barely survived turning into a soul-less driven yuppie's better to catch these things in the bud than before they completely bloom). It's all about balancing, just remembering that friends come before everything else.

I have to make a top ten list of the most memorable movies that Robin & I have seen together:

10.) X-MEN 2 we went and saw this in the theatre and it was totally kicking. Especially since Robin knew the names of every character--even the peripheral, background characters! Most impressive.

9.) Return of the Swamp Thing Ah yes, how could I ever forget this cable TV gem, starring Heather Locklear and Mr. Fabio is a Tree . I'll never forget shouting "BUNS OF BARK!" at the screen. Priceless.

8.) Starship Troopers 2 Oh man, this movie was the most scary movie I'd seen before "WAR OF THE WORLDS"! And the part where the dude's fingers started falling off was mecha-gross. But oh-so-fun to watch! I remember we got this movie while we were finishing off Christmas shopping--the craziness in the was great.

7.) Neon Genesis Evangelion It is a testament to Robin's determination that she was able to get me through the whole 8-disk saga . I'm so glad that she perservered, though. I've gotten to see some amazing animes thanks to Robin's expertise (NAUSICAA especially comes to mind).

6.) ABRAXAS Ohmigosh, where do I even start with ABRAXAS? a movie so wrong, so horrible, so...starring Jesse Ventura?! I just can't even get over the film...we were ribbing it so hard, I think we almost died laughing. Particularly the scenes where Secundus goes "ARE YOU A BIRTHING MEMBAH OF THE HUMAN SPECIES?"...little Tommy, the "coo-mahter"...pretty funny stuff

5.) PREDATOR Another movie that I saw for the first time with Robin! And not only does it have Jesse Ventura in it, but it stars the Governator! Just to be able to sing Dillon! you son of a bitch! the CIA got you pushing too many pencils?! makes everything better. RUN! GET TO THE CHOPPER! always puts a smile on my face.

4.) SPICE WORLD How many times have we seen this movie together? i think I've lost count. It was on cable over the last winter's holidays, plus we always used to watch it on my birthday, so it would probably number in the double-digits at this point. Equality between the sexes! Yeah!

3.) BUCKET OF BLOOD Possibly the funniest pseudo-beatnik-slasher flick ever made? When Sarah & Robin & I watched it, this movie became bad-movie legend. SO much fun! Especially the scene with the (poor) kitty in the wall...

2.) BORDELLO OF BLOOD Absolutely hilarious movie-length episode of "TALES OF THE CRYPT." Dennis Miller completely steals the show as a private investigator looking at the mysterious dissappearances in a backwards bayou town with an odd "funeral parlor"/bordello... All you have to do is start quoting the line "the BEST God-damn piece of Ass in the whole God-damn world..." --maybe you have to see it to get it. All I know is, this movie definitely had to be in the top 5 of the top 10.

1.) HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN I bought this one for Robin at Half-Price books like 4 years ago...and has it ever gained value since then! Absolutely completely mercilessly funny to get to see Rowdy Roddy Piper wearing an explosives-equipped male chastity belt... (I wrote a detailed review of this movie, so if you ever want me to post it, I can... :) So, SO bad.

And that isn't even counting all the episodes of HERCULES or XENA that we've seen.

Plus MTV's DARIA--with Mystik Spiral! and their amazing lyrics!

So basically, I just have to say that i am blessed with a really great best-est friend. Heck, I've been blessed with really good friends in general. And I just wanted to send out a big "THANK YOU" to the universe, because I sincerely think that if I didn't have Robin to hang out with, I would've most certainly lost my mind in the slough that is middle school... and highschool...and college.


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