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iced tea insomniac
Tuesday, July 12, 2005

› by victoria

I drank far too much iced tea last night. With the window closed, it was hot and stifling and we turned the fan off so we could hear the music better. It's been forever since I heard the "MY HOUSE IN MONTMATRE" album, and Biff insisted that i listen to track #11...

We finished, between us, about 2 quarts of delicious gourmet iced-iced tea last night. Which may explain why i was a bit of an insomniac. That, or some asshole who left their car alarm/alarm clock running at 3 AM in the morning. I kept on hearing this insistent

beep beep

Groggily, I wondered, what could it be? It could be a fire alarm. Or the cell phone going bezerk.

beep beep

So I get up to check.


The damn floor squeeks too, really bad. then i get up to open the door and


The hinges need a major dose of WD-40.
And then, when I've wandered around searching for the noise, I figure out it's coming from outside, so I decided to pour myself a glass of ice water before i went back to sleep.

By the time I'm done pouring the water and getting ice cubes, Biff is awake

"Wha? Wha is it?"

"I just got up to figure out what that annoying sound was."


To quote my co-worker Dennis: "I've just about given up on the concept of sleep as I knew it."

on the other hand, I had a brilliantly fun evening last night--we made delicious burritos and watched "HERCULES RECYCLED" and had fun. So sleep is a fair trade-off I guess.

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