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il cielo e' sempre piu' blu
Thursday, July 14, 2005

› by victoria

I was listening to that song yesterday--basically the entire lyrics to the song are
Il cielo e' sempre piu' blu
(the sky is always more blue)
It's very cheerful.

And yes, I am so ecstatically happy that Biff got accepted into MIAD (now all we have to do is the tricky part of getting set with loans and financial aid stuff) that I have been on cloud 9, and not necessarily studying Stats... But still!

I'm so proud of him, really, the admissions person couldn't find hardly anything at all to offer constructive criticism (her basic comment was "draw more")...

Plus he wrote a fantastically great song yesterday while I was at work!
When I *did* get home from work at 6:30, not only were we both starvingly hungry, but there were fire trucks outside and the pilot light in our stove was off, so we couldn't really cook we went out to eat at Qdoba. I'd forgotten how addictively tasty Qdoba's food is: I wouldn't be surprised if they put MSG or some secret additive in it. I felt like I had eaten a blanket, and yet I still wanted to eat more! (*Biff was starving, and kept on thanking me for getting him a burrito and I replied with "of COURSE i got you a burrito! You probably hadn't eaten since breakfast!")

And then we went for a walk in the border between the East Side and Shorewood, apartment-scouting. Biff has his heart fixed on getting an apartment with a balcony. Me, I enjoy the thought of having an apartment with thicker walls, a quieter neighborhood, and a balcony, but I also dread-dread-DREAD the thought of packing up our (enormous) amount of stuff and moving. ::shudder::

I do know, for a fact, that Pedro is moving to Brewer's Hill (*which is, in my opinion, the best-kept secret in fact, we stumbled across it by accident) and so I am absolutely desperate to find out more details from him! He needs to email me back about location and rental prices and availability, and whether they have in-building laundry facilities!

Finally, sleeping last night was a nightmare. Literally. I woke up after the first nightmare, a terrible one in which reading too many news articles on CNN translated into a twisted, disturbing nightmare in which Biff and I were being chased by a psychotic molester predator...I woke up and started crying. Biff told me everything was okay, so I went back to sleep. Then I had a nightmare where I was at some shitty dance school, I wasn't even allowed to play this shitty violin or anything, and Dominic Monoghan (*or whatever the guy's name is who plays one of the hobbits in LOTR) was working at a french fry shack and I was all like "what are you doing here?" but then Biff and I had to go meet my parents at a bar in the middle of the mall food court, except my whole family was there. In the middle of this so-called dinner, I had to take out 4 huge hefty bags of trash, but after walking 3 blocks away, I realized that I wouldn't know what was going on at the dinner if I was taking out the trash! So I ran back, and on the way back encountered Biff who was wearing his t-shirt on his head and apparently he had gotten in some kind of altercation in the was weird. I woke up, and was disturbed by these 2 bad dreams. So I took a 40 minute nap before coming to work, but 40 minutes of sleep is not enough!

Hopefully I'll do okay on my stats test, though. It's cramming time!

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