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because it's hot hot hot
Friday, July 15, 2005

› by victoria

first of all, if i have any fans (?) out there, here's a big "HELLO!"
and a wave.

the second thing is that it's way too fucking hot outside. it's the kind of hot where you almost enjoy the feeling of your skin frying.

the third thing is that Biff has declared today to be "His day to decide what we're going to do" so I anticipate a lot of him working on websites/music and me reading something.

the fourth thing is that it's Bastille Days, a french-and-or-random-crap-eclectic themed festival that is free to the public and located right smack in the middle of Cathedral Square, which is in the vague border-area between Downtown, the East Side, and the Lake. I would kind've like to go to Bastille days, especially since it's been screwing up my commute in to work so much.

the fifth thing is that the werewolf in the 3rd Harry Potter movie is hokey. (I'm watching it over the shoulder of this guy who likes to come downstairs where I work and watch Harry Potter movies on the TVs).

the sixth thing is that I miss Biff.

the seventh thing is that Samuel L. Jackson's death scene in the movie Deep Blue Sea really is worth watching the movie for. Hee hee! It was funny.

the eight thing is my musing about why our landlady, formerly so friendly, now has taken a dislike to us and treats us like we walked around smelling like dog's droppings. We haven't done anything wrong! (*this is another reason why we must move)

And I think I will stop at eight. It's too hot to get all the way up to ten.

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